10 Little Things that Make Me Happy #Tag

A few weeks ago I was tagged in LesBeMums ‘Ten Little Things That Make Me Happy’ post. I love these tags as they are a really great way of sharing little insights into what makes me, me. They also make you stop and think about things that perhaps you forget to do as often as you should. So today, I’m going to share my little list of the small things in life that make me happy. I am not going to include things like my daughter, her laugh or when my boyfriend has a great day. Those are the big things in life and they also go without saying, at least in this blog post.

Ten Things that Make Me Happy

  1. Fresh sheets after a bubble bath – Nothing quite like being all clean and naked and swaddled in soft, clean bedding. BLISS.
  2. Exploring the hills and woods – Finding a new path or some new discovery is deeply satisfying.
  3. The sunrise on a hot day – You know it’s going to be a great day!
  4. Snow falling and settling on the ground – I love a good snow day. If I had to commute to work I’m sure I’d feel differently.
  5. Gadgets – Phones, tablets, smart watches, TVs, PCs, consoles, virtual assistants, anything techy!
  6. Uninterrupted gaming sessions – No phone calls, no knocks on the door, just me and the world I’m in. Family are allowed!
  7. Not having to cook – If I don’t have to cook my day is greatly improved. GREATLY!
  8. Cat cuddles – Anything cat related is heaven. I think I should have been a cat.
  9. Looking through old photos – My photos, anyone’s photos, even photos in antique shops. I love photos.
  10. Orgasms, I can put that, right? We’re all grown-ups. (Sorry, daughter!)

Tagging Bloggers!

To keep the tag alive and to learn what other people love in life I need to tag some fellow bloggers. I do recommend you make your own list, blogger or not. It’s good to think about things that you enjoy, that way you can do them more. So without further ado, here are the bloggers who were up for the challenge, there were loads!

Have fun and do a little of what makes you happy each day…Heck, do a lot!



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