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Dealing with Insomnia

The Insomnia Effect

I finally started and finished the Mass Effect series. After news broke about the imminent arrival of Mass Effect Andromeda on March 21, 2017, I felt it was time for me to give the games a try. I did skip number 1 and headed straight into 2, and in a flash, I was hooked. Such an incredible game. I can’t even explain why I loved it so much. I’m going to put it down to the characters as that’s what pops into my mind. It was the perfect mix of adventure, exploration, story, characters, it had everything.

I went on to 3 straight after, but in all honesty, I found 3 disappointing. I didn’t like the exploration, and I hated the extreme pressure from the Reapers that kicked off right from the start. I felt I couldn’t explore as freely. They also removed the mining for resources, which I found quite relaxing. It was simply lacking in everything. I did complete it within a week, so it’s not a complete flop in my eyes. Playing at night was a bad idea as I was unable to stop. Here lies the problem that followed. My sleep pattern was well and truly messed up.

Playing at night was a bad idea as I was unable to stop. A here lies the problem that followed. My sleep pattern was well and truly messed up. If you’ve read my Bedtime Tag post you’ll already know that my sleep isn’t conventional, but it worked for me. Unfortunately, for the last two weeks, I’ve been seeing 4/5am each night and it’s been a complete nightmare. Why am I telling you this? The reason is because it’s consumed me and one way to get over things is to write it down.

Too Much Thinking Going On

Mass Effect can’t be blamed entirely. I’m still overthinking vlogging and getting myself sorted out in time for my birthday in June. I’ve been lying in bed, my mind racing about positive actions to take the following day. Getting up, exercising, eating well, walking the hour walk into town to buy some healthy food and so on. Thinking about the video I want to make, what I want to say and do, how to film, the lighting, the way I want to film it…Then I realise that it’s basically the morning and that I am going to be absolutely knackered. The following day is then centred around work and normal housework and I achieve nothing at all. It’s beyond frustrating.

Dealing with Insomnia

Insomnia tips

On Wednesday, after lying in bed for 4 hours completely wasting time, I decided to walk to town and get some natural sleeping pills. I hate pills of any sort, but these are desperate times. Last night was my second night on the pills and I managed to fall asleep before 1 am. I did wake up about 2.15 am as G got into bed, but after about half an hour I was back in the land of nod. The sleeping pills aren’t the only thing I’ve been doing since Wednesday night. I’ve also:

  • Put a couple of drops of Lavender oil in the bath and under my pillow. I still hate the smell but it does seem to work
  • Drank a Chamomile based drink (Pukka in this case but any chamomile tea will do) about an hour before bed. Similar to the Lavender oil, I do hate the taste but it does seem to do something…
  • Took two sleeping pills about an hour before I wanted to fall asleep. I’m using Natrasleep but there are others out there.

The pills do say that it can take 2 weeks of usage to kick in, so I’m not sure if they’re actually working or if it’s a combination of everything or the placebo effect. All I do know is that I am so grateful for the ‘early night’ I had and I hope it continues. I won’t be on these pills for long, I am going to continue for a few more days and then hopefully I’ll be in the swing of my normal ‘abnormal’ sleep pattern.

It’s Action Time

After all those wasted hours in bed, I now need to take action.  February is here already and so far I’ve done nothing for my ‘Turning 40’ cause. Time goes so quickly, it’s hard to keep up. I also need to make sure that I don’t start gaming late at night, it’s a recipe for disaster.

Here’s a heads-up. I am going to blog a bit about the fitness and health stuff I have in mind. If you’re not into that I do hope that you won’t abandon me and still return for any other posts I put up. I don’t have a niche blog simply because I don’t really have a niche life. You’ll find all the stuff that makes up ‘me’ here.

I’ve made a new channel for the vlogs I’ll be making. I do think it’s a shame not to vlog on the Reclusive Fox channel, but I don’t want to annoy everyone who has subscribed for the content I put up there and not for what’s in my mind. If you do want to watch my new vlogs, please head on over to Nettie Vlogs and subscribe, and remember to hit the bell to be notified when I publish a video. I won’t be daily vlogging so I won’t pop up too often.

This post is basically word vomit, isn’t it? I do apologise, I wanted to let you know what’s happening and perhaps help those who are also struggling with sleep. Don’t forget to tag @ReclusiveFox if you have any tips of your own to share, or let me know your Mass Effect Andromeda thoughts.




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