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3 Video Games Your 4K TV will Love in 2018

If you’re upgrading your TV this year, it’s a really great time to jump into 4K. Many of us have been hesitant to ditch our old smart TVs in favour of 4k simply because of the price tag and the lack of 4K content that was out there. The great news is that 4K is no longer inaccessible, the prices have finally fallen and there’s a tonne of content available, from games to your favourite tv series, which is fantastic news for us gamers. And if you’re lucky enough not to worry about cost then the sky is really the limit. We have our eyes on the beautiful 4K OLED TV Panasonic will be launching later this season. Simply stunning.

If you’re a console gamer you will no doubt be eager to hook up your PlayStation Pro or Xbox One X to your shiny new tv, but what games should you be trying out first to make the most of your new tech? Here are our top 3 suggestions to get you started.

Detroit: Become Human Released on May 25

Detroit Become Human


This is a game we’re really hyped for, it looks beautiful (your 4K television is going to adore this title) and hopefully, the story and how it plays out will not disappoint.  There is a demo available on the PS4 store right now, go download it and we’re pretty sure you’re going to add this to your must buy list. There will be some difficult choices that have to be made in this game, but the viewing will be divine however you decided to play. An exclusive game from Sony Interactive Entertainment, which means PS4 players only, folks.

State of Decay 2 – Available from May 22

State of Decay 2 Fight

State of Decay 2 will only be available on the Xbox One and Windows PC, so it’s time to make your Xbox One S or the Xbox One X shine with this title. State of Decay 2 isn’t really a zombie game, this is a deep and complex story based on relatable characters that are dealing with horrific circumstances. Highly anticipated, this will look great!

Spider-Man – Available on September 7

Spider Man PS4

Another absolutely stunning game from Sony Entertainment Studios. You are going to want this on your PS4 Pro and play on a 4K television as it looks incredible. The gameplay video was shown at last years E3 just blew us away and we cannot wait to be let loose around Manhattan, swinging from skyscrapers and enjoying the unique story that will hopefully back up these spectacular graphics.

These are just 3 of many titles that simply must be played on 4K. Do you have any other suggestions? Let us know on Twitter.

*Collaboration with Panasonic





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