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Adidas NEO – Cloudfoam Flow Shoes

Walking on a Cloud?

I’ve been busy looking at trainers. Never before have I spent so much time trying to find a pair that will meet as many of my requirements as possible. I’m on a mission to become a healthy gamer and for that to happen I need to move more. I walk a lot as it is, but I want to add in a lot more cardio and some strength training too. I need a trainer that will be comfortable and cushion my feet for my often daily 15,000K steps. Comfort is a must for my massively high arches. Sure, the high arches make for pretty feet, but they can cause a lot of pain. In my case, shin splints as a teen. Finally, the trainers I pick are going to have to deal with frequent muddy terrain, grass, and stone pathways.  Then there’s the price. I don’t have a massive budget available, so they have to be affordable. Not an easy task.

The first pair I picked was the Adidas Cloudfoam Flow Shoes. They offered a heel support cage and superior cushioning thanks to the cloudfoam midsole and ultra sockliner.  These were on sale on the Adidas website and they seemed to promise everything I was looking for. I wanted black as my last trainers were white Vans. I love the look of white trainers with jeans and especially my dungarees, but they’re so impractical. Black will hide a lot more dirt that comes when walking in my shoes. This is a rural area, I don’t drive, my trainers have to work hard.

My Adidas turned up within a couple of days of placing the order. They looked good, there weren’t any signs of glue anywhere (a pet hate of mine), but they looked small. I’m a size 5.5 and that’s the size I ordered, but they were far too small. I could get my feet in but my toes were right at the end. I was gutted as the Cloudfoam on the bottom felt so good! Honestly, if these trainers had fit, they would have been so comfortable. Sadly, I had to send them back and looking on the website I was sad to see they didn’t have a 6 or even a 6.5 for me to order. I do think if you’re ordering yourself a pair of the Cloudfoam shoes that ordering a size up might be the best idea.

I have now returned these trainers but I felt they deserved a post here if only to ensure you get the right fit when ordering. I’ve since received a different pair of Adidas from G for my birthday, I’ll tell you all about them some other time.



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