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Affordable Earrings from Body Jewellery Shop

Body Jewellery Shop

If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you’ll already know that I am working to build up my earring collection. I am always happy when I open up my mail box to find some sparkly jewels inside, especially when I’m sent EarPiercing jewels! Which is exactly what happened on Wednesday, yay! EtailPR kindly hooked me up with a few new earrings from Body Shop Jewellery and I want to show you what I was sent.


The first pair is the pink glitter stud earrings, these only retail for £1.99…Yes, you read that right, £1.99! Seriously, what a bargain. Elle is going to pinch these ones off me and add them to her collection as she thinks they are super cute, I agree. They’re made from stainless steel too so there’s no need to worry about her ears getting irritated, which has been a problem with some of the cheap earrings she has picked up from a high street retailer in the past.

Body Jewellery Shop Review

The second pair I am certainly keeping for myself as they are so adorable and simple. The stainless steel star earrings cost a little bit more, retailing for £3.49. They are so small they would suit sitting in second piercings but I am going to wear them in my first (as I don’t have seconds!). I love to wear tiny earrings as my lobes are pretty small (and I like them that way). I’m going to be wearing these every day for a while and they’re going to become my go-to earrings that will go with anything I decide to wear (99% of the time that involves jeans, especially now that I have to live in my Nike’s thanks to all the hills around here).

Go check out the Body Jewellery Shop, they have loads of really affordable pieces for all sorts of piercings as well as necklaces and what not. The quality of the studs is good, you’d never guess they were so cheap.




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  1. Tess

    Hi my name is Nancy and I have a chair addiction!! If I lived closer to you I could take one of your classes and then I would truly be on my way to recovery!! This post made my addiction even worse with the mere idea that I could learn to upholster all these beautiful chairs. Any chance you might one day give a class in Northern Cailfornia?? Thanks, Nancy

    09 . Mar . 2017

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