Amazon Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote #Review

The Amazon Fire Stick isn’t a new toy, but the Fire TV stick with Alexa voice remote is!  Up until last week, I used the PS4 in the bedroom and the PS3 in the living room to watch TV. Now before I go any further I would like to make a couple of things clear:

  1. I only watch on-demand television and YouTube
  2. I do have an aerial on the house but none of our TVs are connected to the aerial
  3. I don’t pay the TV License, which is totally legal if you never watch, download or stream ANY LIVE TV shows (even on +1 channels) or BBC IPlayer and you tell the TV License about this with their declaration form. While this is currently legal it probably is going to change in the near future. You can find out more about this over on their website.

The Fire Stick is perfect for me as it has all the apps that I use on the PS4 (and much more) and it’s also perfect if you are an Amazon Prime member.  Setting it up was super easy, I logged into my Amazon account and went to download several apps including YouTube, All4, Netflix, ITV Player, Amazon Music to start with.

Alexa fire stick review

You can use the smart little remote with your hands if you want, and to be honest, that’s basically what I do. But you can use your voice too, however, it’s not as perfect as I would like. What Alexa is brilliant at is finding the apps and shows, music or movies on Amazon or other apps. Perfect. What it doesn’t do is go to specific channels you ask for on YouTube – something I would love! I do mainly watch YouTube and if they are able to do this in the future I will be one happy chick. If you have managed to get this to work then please do let me know!

The Alexa voice remote does work really well. We’ve had no problems with her understanding us or hearing us. Providing you keep the mic button pressed down while you talk she works without any problem. Even if you just say ‘yo yo yo’ like G did!

Alexa Voice Assistant on Your TV

Alexa isn’t only there to find your shows or music, she does a few things that the real Alexa or Echo does. You can ask her about the weather, the news,  and the latest sports results. The great thing is the response Alexa gives appears on screen – so if you want to catch up on the latest footy scores you will be super happy.

Overall I am so pleased with the Fire Stick and I do wish I had picked one up a lot sooner. The small gadget is saving me from having the PlayStation on for hours and now I only need to use it when I’m playing – saving it from getting super hot. It also has a lot of apps I couldn’t watch via the consoles before, like ITV for example. It has loads of apps, a load of games, many of which are free and it works seamlessly. This new Fire Stick with Alexa is also a brilliant way of getting your hands on the personal assistant without the massive expense.


I was sent the Amazon Fire Stick to review but the experiences and thoughts above are all my own.



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