Black Desert Festa – December 1st

Black Desert Online Festa

There’s been a lot going on in Black Desert Online over the past few weeks. There was the roar of the millions, a celebration of reaching 10 million sign-ups. The 1000XP was a bonus on top of the latest expansion release of Drieghan and world boss, Garmoth and currently, we’re all enjoying the Thanksgiving event. All of that followed the fun of Halloween, which I adored!

It’s been all go and I’m so glad that I chose this time of year to finally get my teeth stuck into Black Desert Online, it truly is a magnificent game, one I highly recommend. I’m a new MMO player so the learning curve was and continues to be steep, but it’s worth it and I’m enjoying every second. So, what’s this new announcement about?

Black Desert Festa is a community event that will be taking place at the SETEC convention centre in Seoul, South Korea. That means all the BDO players I know are not likely to attend but fear not! The entire event will be live streamed, and the keynote section will be subtitled so we’ll be able to understand all the latest news that they have in store for us. Where can you watch Festa? On the Black Desert Online Twitch channel but also on any Black Desert Online content creators channel’s that want to host the stream to share with their audiences.

What to Expect from Black Desert Festa

The keynote event will showcase some of the new content that is currently being worked on and developed. One thing we do know for sure is that further details about BDO’s 17th class will be shared with the viewers, so if you’re excited for the arrival of Archer, you’re not going to want to miss it.

Save the Date

All the action will go down on December 1st. The UK time will be 04.00, not great! However, the keynote is starting at 06.00 GMT, so you could potentially hear all the news while getting ready for the day. If not, you’ll find out everything as soon as you wake up!

Don’t forget you can watch my live stream of Black Desert Online on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 2 pm GMT and Sundays at 5 pm. It’s never too late to join BDO (I’m proof of that), take advantage of the free trial currently on offer, just click here.



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