Black Desert Online Drieghan Expansion Playable at EGX 2018

Pearl Abyss and Kakao Games have announced that the Drieghan expansion for Black Desert Online will be playable for the very first time at EGX, the UK’s biggest game show. The expansion will be launched later in the year as a freebie, offering over 300 new challenges, a new dragon boss named Gharmoth, new nodes and plenty of mountain ranges to explore. We’re booked in to play a demo at the ESL arena and very excited to get our hands-on experience.

Play Drieghan Yourself

If you’re a fan of BDO or are looking for a reason to jump into a new MMORPG, we recommend heading to the Black Desert Booth at some point over the EGX weekend. You’ll be given a chance to defeat the new world boss and be handed a code for Black Desert Online, which has a value of £7.99. Plus there’s an opportunity to win an exclusive Black Desert Online goodie bag. To win you’ll need to do one of the following:

  • Defeat Garmoth
  • PVP Tournament
  • Upload a picture on SNS with the BDO cosplayers with the hashtag #BDORemastered

During the weekend, Kakao Games plans to live steaming all the activities taking place at the booth on their Twitch Channel (look out for us on Saturday afternoon!).

Drieghan Expansion

Let’s take a look at the expansion. Drieghan is the ancestral home of the dwarves and is known as the land of the dragons. Adventurers can travel to the capital city, Duvencrune, discover new story content, challenges and quests. The new alpine region will hopefully encourage players back into the world and perhaps bring new players to the world of BDO. There are obviously new monster areas too including Blood Wolf Town and Sherekhan’s Grave. On top of all that and the crimson dragon Gharmoth, there’s a new craftable weapon called the Dragon Slayer.

There are more than 9.5 million registered users of Black Desert Online. There have been complaints about the game being P2W and this has caused many to abandon the title. However, it is still enjoyable even if you don’t put your hand in your pocket (like me). You can spend out but you can also grind and find ways of earning money in game, which for me is part of the fun. The play to win element isn’t really game breaking. Sure, if you want to become competitive you may find not paying to be a disadvantage. If you’re casual and willing to go in for the gaming experience, then it’s worth diving in.

EGX 2018 takes place on 20-23 September at The NEC Birmingham. There are some tickets still available for all days (at time of writing). Get your EGX tickets, here.




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