My Blogging Tool Kit

Bloggers Tool Kit

My name’s Nettie and I’m a stationary addict. As a blogger in my professional and personal life it makes perfect sense that I am addicted to stationary, I use it a lot. This isn’t a new development, even as a child I would take great pleasure in shopping for my new pens and pencils at the start of the new year. I even get a buzz from brand new A4 pads and rubbers. Anything really. So today I thought I would give you an insight into my Blogging Tool Kit, perhaps if you’re new to blogging you’ll be able to pick up a few tips.

Gadget Crazy

First off I can’t be without my gadgets. My main gadgets that I use on a daily basis are the HTC One, the Kindle Fire HDX and my Kindle Paperwhite. The smartphone allows me to read and reply to emails and social networks wherever I am in the home or when I’m out and about. It’s also essential for Instagram or snapping photos to share on Twitter throughout the day. The Kindle Fire HDX is a fantastically fast tablet that again allows me to stay in touch with clients and the customers of my clients when I need to. I also use it for research purposes, sending anything I find to my Google Drive or Evernote to use later. Finally the Kindle Paperwhite is obviously essential for reading. Reading is essential to writers, it keeps us fresh. The Paperwhite also allows you to follow blogs and sign up to magazines and journals, which is ideal.

You Can Never Have Too Many Notebooks

Pink Moleskin Notebooks for Ideas on the Go Blogging Tool Kit

Technology aside there is still plenty of room for more traditional writing tools. Notebooks are a must. I use them for work but now I have this blog I have had to top up my supplies so I can remain organised. I hopped over to www.viking-direct.co.uk and treated myself to a few new notebooks (moleskin of course, moleskin notebooks are the best!). This is how I will be using them:

  • One A6 notebook to take out with me. You never know when inspiration is going to strike!
  • One A6 notebook next to my bed. When it’s late I don’t like to look at bright screens (it’s not good if you want to sleep) so I jot any thoughts and ideas down in my notebook. It’s also great to record dreams as dreams can be the basis of many excellent short stories I find.
  • An A5 notebook is where I write down my editorial calendar and to do lists for each day or week, depending on my schedule.

In addition to the notebooks I also use Post-It notes. I will write down quotes, things I need to do the same day along with notes from conversations I have on the phone. I love my Heart Shaped note dispenser that looks so pretty on my desk. It also stops the cat from knocking off the pads from my desk, something he seems to love doing…

Post-It Note addiction

Last But Not Least

Being a freelancer means I have to keep track of my spending, incoming and contracts. To help me do this I rely on good old A4 folders and plastic sleeves. Then there are the pens.  I adore writing in pencil but I find that over time the pencil becomes hard to read. So while shopping for supplies this week I treated myself to some new pens too. You can’t beat Bic when it comes to pens and you certainly can’t beat pens in pretty colours like the Cristal Pen for Her packs. I couldn’t resist their charms. I have to admit I do miss using a fountain pen though, I will add one to my wish list for my next stationery shop.

So there you have it, my bloggers tool kit that compliments the work I do on my PC and laptop. What stationary can’t you do without?




  1. Rachel

    You no you’re a blogger when you have a lot of stationery to carry around haha

    24 . Jun . 2014
  2. Hollie B (@PBbutterflies)

    Loving the post it notes thingy. So cute! I’d use them VERY quickly.

    24 . Jun . 2014
  3. Joanne Mallon (@joannemallon)

    I am a real stationery addict too. Must have a nice pen and a large selection of notebooks at all time. And also a desktop Filofax cos I am old skool.

    24 . Jun . 2014
  4. chantelecrossjones

    I carry a note book everywhere too! Very useful, love me some good stationary
    Two Hearts One Roof

    24 . Jun . 2014
  5. Nettie

    I wanted one too but the one I had my eye on was out of stock. Gutted.

    24 . Jun . 2014
  6. Nettie

    I am totally in love with it but yes, it’s not going to last long. At least it’s refillable 🙂

    24 . Jun . 2014
  7. Louise

    I think I need to get myself one of those cute post it note dispensers! 😀 I also love shopping for stationary but never find anything nice in the shops near me :'(

    Louise x

    28 . Jun . 2014

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