Bloober Team Terrify with >Observer

One of my favourite games of 2016 was Layers of Fear. Bloober Team released a terrifying game that was an absolute pleasure to play. The psychological horror excited me in ways that no other game managed to do since PT, I basically loved it. Now, Bloober Team is bringing us something completely new in the form of >Observer.

>Observer is a first person horror game set in a crazy, seedy city of Krakow in the year 2084.  We’re playing as Dan, an elite neural detective of the underfunded police unit, the Observers.  The Observers have to hack into the minds of their suspects in order to solve crimes. The horror begins after Dan gets a message from his estranged son that means he has to venture into the freaky underbelly of the city. Dan is going to have to use his Observer augmentations in order to get the information he needs from victims and criminals in this mad, mad cyberpunk world. God, I’m excited just after reading the press release!

Bloober Team work hard to create a dark atmospheric environment while presenting you with a gripping story. They managed to do this so well with Layers of Fear so I am really hopeful that this is going to be another corker.  Building the terrifying atmosphere is what Layers of Fear achieved perfectly. The jump scares were very few, but that didn’t stop that horror building up in my mind and my belly.  Watch the video below where Bloober Team talk about creating ‘Hidden Horror’.

Now take a look at the trailers for >observer below.

I’m confident that Bloober Team is going to knock it out the park. They’ve partnered up with Aspyr Media who are the publishers once more, great news; these guys make a great team. It’s fair to say after watching the trailers and pouring over the screenshots, I am highly anticipating the launch of >Observer. There’s no official launch date as yet, I’ll keep you posted. I do know it’s coming this summer (any day now?) to Xbox One and Steam. Shame PS4 isn’t included in the fun.



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