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Book Review: Dear Luke, We Need to Talk, Darth – John Moe

Dear Luke, John Moe
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Dear Luke, We Need to Talk, Darth– John Moe

The full title of this book is Dear Luke, We Need to Talk, Darth and other Pop Culture Correspondences. Quite a mouthful right? It’s an intriguing title though and as soon as I saw it I knew it needed to go onto my Kindle. I wasn’t sure what I expected from this book, but I did know it would be funny and I love a book that will make me smile when I pick it up. I loved the idea of Darth trying to reach out to Luke in handwritten letters, expressing his thoughts and emotions to his son, hilarious.

John Moe certainly kept me entertained and the first chapter had me in stitches. I was once a massive Bon Jovi fan (spent last weekend booming Slippery When Wet too) and I loved how he interpreted the classic “Wanted Dead or Alive”. Sheer brilliance and I read the entire chapter immediately even though I was supposed to be working. The good news is all of the chapters are quite short. It’s easy to dive into as and when you please and any interruptions wouldn’t cause irritation.  I loved how John expressed his perceptions and creatively worked with the concepts that we have all grown up with.

Most of the books I read are more traditional novels so this was a new experience for me and one I greatly enjoyed. You’ll already know the characters in each chapter so there’s no need for introductions and if you don’t you’ll probably not be too interested in reading it. You have a mixture of letters, diary entries, minutes, emails, incident reports and memos based upon some of the most well-known musicians, movie characters and television shows. It covers everything from Breaking Bad and Walking Dead to Jurassic Park and Dora the Explorer. They’re all pretty amusing but I do have to admit I did end up speed reading a few simply because I wasn’t that into them onto a personal level. I mean I adore Bon Jovi and Guns n’ Roses so these chapters had me at the titles, but the chapters about Star Trek and the Rejected Super Bowl Half Time Show Proposals just didn’t appeal. While I am fully aware of Star Trek and the half time shows (loved the Red Hot Chilli Pepper’s this year) I was unable to get as fully absorbed in these sections as I was in the rest of the book.  In all honesty I very quickly tired of the Super Bowl chapters (there are several) and found myself skipping them.

I think this is a great book to have on the Kindle or in paperback around the home. It would be ideal for on the coffee table or in the bathroom to quickly read while waiting for the adverts to end. However, as a bedtime read I prefer a novel that I can really sink my teeth into. The different sections, layouts and themes were a little jarring, not a relaxing read but definitely entertaining in parts. After such a strong start to the book I felt a little disappointed in what followed, but that’s my fault for loving Jon Bon Jovi so much when I was 13!

Score: 3 out of 5

I was given this book to review but my opinions are my own. 




  1. agatapokutycka

    This actually sounds very interesting. Love the cover of the book. I have no e-reader so will check on paper edition.

    25 . Aug . 2014
  2. Jessica

    This sounds really interesting – I need to buy a new book to read.


    25 . Aug . 2014
  3. Ice

    Oh, one other thing: , Orson Scott Card's Enderverse is damned good reading with some sifingicant exceptions. Ender's Game and the entire Shadow series are very good. The immediate sequels to Ender's Game – Xenocide and the rest, not so much.

    09 . Mar . 2017

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