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I love gaming! I started gaming in my early teens (we’re talking 1991-ish here). Initiall,  I didn’t like it too much and then I found the SNES and SimCity. Then came the 2 years of my life that I call the Mario Kart years and the rest is history. Here you’ll find news, reviews, my thoughts and perhaps even my dreams. You can call me what you want, a gamer girl, gamer lady, gamer mum, gamer mom, but all I am is a gamer. I’ll never grow out of it, I’ll never give it up. It is beneficial for mental health reasons and I adore it.

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Pure Farming 2018 Patch Updates


Guess what, I got invited to be a Twitch Affiliate after my Pure Farming 2018 stream! I also hit my target of 200 followers on…