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Chilled Out Sunday – Your Dreamcatcher Review

Your Dreamcatcher Review

When I’m working I dress for productivity, during my down time I dress for comfort and relaxation.  If I can’t get naked then I’m usually found in vest tops and joggers, yoga pants or leggings. I like clothing to feel lose and to keep me warm and I’ve recently been sent the perfect pair of joggers from Your Dreamcatcher.   Just look at the logo on the side, I adore it and changing into these comfies immediately helps me to switch off and turn my back on the stresses of life. Amazing that a logo and a pair of joggers have that effect on me, but it’s true.

If you’re looking for some warm comfy clothing for the colder months ahead I recommend visiting Your Dreamcatcher. I’m thrilled with these joggers. The stitching is strong, the waist band isn’t elasticated so they sit comfortably on your hips and are held up with the drawstring. The ankles are elasticated at the bottom but they aren’t tight at all. I am in love with the logo (and I’m going to have to treat myself to their dreamcatcher earrings and anklet ASAP!) and the soft lining is just what I want from my joggers as they feel super soft against my skin.  I did find they pretty much hid my curvaceous hips (love handles) something that is impossible usually. When I looked at the photos G took I was shocked!

Your Dreamcatcher Review


Shutting the Door on Stress

I’ve had the most hectic week and I’m shattered. Life is busy at the moment and it always takes a while to get back into the swing of ‘school mode’. Elle has now started the first year of her G.C.S.E’s  (officially anyway, they put her on a G.C.S.E course last year! Crazy if you ask me). She managed to pick up a cold instantly and has been suffering with an ear infection too, but as yet has had no time off. I’m going to post about my thoughts on schools at a later date, but for now I’m trying to chill out.

Earlier in the year I promised myself more time off. As a freelancer working from home I initially found it very hard to differentiate between work and home life. These days I have at least one day off at the weekend, a day where I do nothing work related at all. I feel so much better for it too. Taking time out to just relax is something we all need to do yet our busy lives make it so difficult.

Your Dreamcatcher Review

My Chilled Out Sunday Plan

With hectic lives in mind I have decided to claim this Sunday as my own. I am putting down my tools and dedicating the rest of the day to myself and my family.  So I have already taken off my jeans and slipped into my gorgeously soft Your Dreamcatcher Jogging bottoms. They’re perfect for chilling out in the home after work or on the weekend.  My plans for the rest of the day are:

  • Finish a book I’m reviewing on my beloved Kindle. I adore reading but I only get round to picking my book up at around midnight or later so after one or two pages I’m fast asleep. This drives me crazy as I have so many books to get through right now. Reading is therefore going to be my main goal of the day.
  • Cooking dinner. Sadly no one else cooks in this house and I hate it but there’s no getting away from it. We’re having lamb, potatoes and peas though so I’ll appreciate that later on.
  • Walking the dog. Dogs always need walking even if I don’t (I do really; it’s the only exercise I get at the moment). My joggers are perfect for dog walking too and it’s a cloudy but warm day so I’m going to make the most of it.
  • I’ve been meaning to start meditating for a very long time, we’re talking years here. I finally feel that now is the time. This evening, once Elle is all sorted for the night I’m shutting the animals out of the room, lighting a candle and giving it a go for five minutes.

How do you make the most of your time off?


I was sent the Your Dreamcatcher Joggers to review but all thoughts, opinions and experiences are my own. 




  1. Elizabeth

    Oh those look so super comfy! Love the rest of your Sunday plan… as for me… I’ve no idea what I’ll be doing! Baking, perhaps?

    14 . Sep . 2014
  2. Nettie

    Good for you! I hate being in the kitchen but I love eating the results 🙂

    14 . Sep . 2014
  3. Jenny

    That sounds like a lovely Sunday, the opposite of our hectic day.

    14 . Sep . 2014
  4. Melissa ❤ (@melissazia)

    These joggers look super comfy and they look nice too 😀 I love wearing joggers on the weekend as they are perfect for relaxing.
    Melissa x

    14 . Sep . 2014
  5. Dannii @ Hungry Healthy Happy

    Your Sunday sounds perfect!
    I can pretty much be found in yoga pants all the time too 🙂

    14 . Sep . 2014
  6. Abbigayle Warner

    they look really comfy , i’ve never heard of this company before but id love to check them out!

    15 . Sep . 2014
  7. fashion-mommy

    Your joggers look great, really comfy and perfect for chilling out in. I know what you mean about reading – I do exactly the same.


    15 . Sep . 2014

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