Counting Down to DOOM Day


There are loads of games we’re itching to play (Uncharted 4 this Tuesday, yay!) but right now, Doom is stealing the spotlight. It wasn’t something we paid much attention to, despite our love for Bethesda, until the Beta, but that changed everything.  I think what held us back from getting absorbed into the hype was the fact that neither of us got into Doom in a big way in the past, but it looks likes that’s going to change.

There were plenty of people slating Doom after the Beta, but we’re not joining them, for now at least. Perhaps the reason for this is because we’re not emotionally attached to the franchise. What’s interesting are the hordes of people who have compared it to Call of Duty, as this is one of the reasons Doom was cancelled in the past. This could also be a real reason G loves it so much, it also helps that he’s not sucking at the game, but that’s a whole other story.

G has a whole Doom multiplayer playlist on his YouTube Channel so if you still haven’t seen any of the multiplayer gameplay then I recommend you go take a look. He has 14 videos so far, watch a few and you might see why we’re hyped.

Friday, May 13 is launch day, a great date to start blowing up demons. We’re getting it for the Playstation 4 but it’s also going to be available on the Xbox One and PC.




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