Counting Down to EGX 2016


EGX 22 – 25 September 2016, The NEC, Birmingham

It’s time to get your tickets to the UK’s biggest ever games event, EGX. We’re so looking forward to heading back to the NEC to check out all the action and spend a whole day or two indulging our gaming senses. EGX moved from Earls Court to the NEC last year and I seriously couldn’t be happier about that. We had a fantastic time last September, despite being ill, check my EGX 2015 post and all the photos, here if you missed it.

What You Can Expect from EGX

  • Be among the first to play blockbuster console and PC titles from the biggest publishers. Do be prepared for long queues to get your go but if you’re hyped for the game you’re not going to mind waiting in line, just grab a drink and a snack before you line up and you’ll be fine.
  • Check out lots of indie games and meet the creators. This is your chance to speak to developers and perhaps be inspired by their creations to begin putting your ideas into action. Plus, who doesn’t love checking out those indie games?
  • Watch eSports live as the best of the best compete against each other for financial award. If you love a good competition and the world of eSports then this is for you.
  • Find out all you need to know about stepping into the gaming industry. The GamesIndustry.biz career fair is a must visit if you’ve always dreamt of making money in gaming. It is possible and it’s a lot easier if you have a clear direction.
  • The cosplay stage is the place to go to check out the best performers and costumes. You’ll see cosplayer’s walking around too and they won’t fail to impress. There wasn’t as many as I thought there would be last year, hoping for more in 2016. I’d personally love to cosplay but I don’t have the dressmaking skills or the figure…
  • Developer sessions are a must for bloggers, journalists and those working their way into the industry. They’re also worth checking out if you love games and want to learn more about the developers you respect and admire. Got questions? Get your butt to the developer sessions and you may get the answers you’re looking for.

These are just some of the major selling points. You’ll also find plenty of retro games to reminisce with, stalls (hoping for a few more this year, selling some rarer, harder to get merch hopefully) so take plenty of spending money, and don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled for swag.

Tickets to EGX are available now but Friday’s Early Entry tickets have already sold out, so consider buying your tickets sooner rather than later.

Will you be heading to EGX? We might see you there!





  1. Rhian Westbury

    I’ve wanted to go to a gaming event for ages and this one looks really good! I think my friends fiance has gone a few times before x

    12 . Apr . 2016
  2. Sarah Bailey

    Ohh I wonder if my other half has heard about this I’m going to have to ask him sounds amazing. x

    12 . Apr . 2016
  3. Rachel

    I had no idea what EGX was or that it existed until reading this post x

    12 . Apr . 2016
  4. Ickle Pickle

    Oh wow this sounds amazing – I have never heard of it before, my teen son would love to go. Have a great time! Kaz x

    12 . Apr . 2016
  5. Liz Mays

    This will be such a good time. Hearing from developers and watching some games live will be great.

    12 . Apr . 2016
  6. Ana De- Jesus

    My cousin goes all the time as he is a huge gamer and goes to several conferences a year.

    12 . Apr . 2016
  7. Fashion and Style Police

    This sounds great. My partner would love this. Bookmarking x

    13 . Apr . 2016
  8. Harriet from Toby & Roo

    I’m not a gamer but even I would love something like this! My husband is only really into FIFA but I think he would adore this! H x

    13 . Apr . 2016
  9. Helen @ Fuss Free Flavours

    I’d love to try some of the new tech, and things like VR headsets. I am more of a strategy gamer – Catan on the iPad!

    13 . Apr . 2016
  10. Jessica

    Wow! this is a cool event. I hope you will enjoy it. Have fun. Looking forward to your post about your experience here.

    14 . Apr . 2016
  11. Tara

    Oh this sounds like a very exciting and alternative event!

    14 . Apr . 2016
  12. Daniella

    I would love to go to a gaming event, I don’t live far from the NEC so might have to see if I can get a ticket.

    15 . Apr . 2016

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