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December 2014 Barkbeats Subscription Box for Dogs…Obviously

Barkbeats box

Booker and Floyd were treated to a rather special Christmas present thanks to the wonderful folk over at Barkbeats. Barkbeats is another subscription box made exclusively for our canine friends. Once a month a small box packed with five or six treats arrives on the doorstep with costs starting from £13.50 per month. My two dogs were sent the Christmas box and here’s what was inside:

The Piggy King Squeeze Jels

Kong Squeeze Jel

My dogs have had the usual Kongs for over a year now (red for Booker and Black for Floyd) and they’ve been a huge hit so I was pleased to try out the Kong Squeeze jels on the boys. It’s well made and they’ve had it for over a week now and so far it’s still in one piece. It’s got a really loud squeak though so if you’re not into squeaky toys it’ll probably take you five minutes to take it off your dog. The great thing about this toy is the bounce, so it’s fun to take out on walks as well as use in the home as a chew toy.

Farm Foods Trainers

Farm food trainers

My dogs love these treats and I love the container. It’s a resealable pot so it’s easy to store them on the side or even pop in the pocket for walks. These rewards are gluten-free that have a natural scent (not pleasant for our human noses but the dogs love it). I will be looking out to buy these again in the future.

Gingerbread Man

Gingerbread man

This homemade treat lasts minutes in my house. I fed it to the boys on Christmas day, half each, and they were perfectly happy with it – came back looking for more. It was a fun festive treat to throw in the box.

Christmas Reindeer

Christmas Reindeer

Booker loves fabric based toys so he pretty much stole this one and made it his own. It came with a squeaker but it wasn’t as loud as the Kong Squeeze Jel pig. I say was because sadly Booker had managed to rip out the squeaker within half an hour – not too good.

Pet Munchies Treats


I’ve yet to give the boys these treats as they’re still working their way through the Farm Foods Trainers. I plan to fill up the Farm Food trainer pot with the pet munchies once they’ve been devoured. These are natural treats with no added sugar so I’m more than happy to feed my dogs these when the time comes.


I do love pet subscription boxes, they’re a fun idea. The dogs always find new toys to play with, which is ideal for fighting boredom. If you want to check out the BarkBeats boxes visit their website – remember you can cancel at any time, ideal if you only want the occasional box throughout the year.





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