Coffee with Your Gaming? De’Longhi Coffee Machine Review

DeLonghi Coffee Machine Review

De’Longhi Dolce Gusto Stelia Review

G loves his coffee and I am a self-confessed Hot Chocolate addict. Finding a machine that satisfies both of our current addictions has been a godsend. The folks over at ao.com were kind enough to send me another goodie to review. This time, we’ve been blessed with something we use each and every day, the De’Longhi Dolce Gusto Stelia pod coffee machine.  I filmed the video review a week after first getting the machine. It’s now been almost two months, so I thought it was about time that I published a quick review on here to let you know my thoughts.

If you prefer watching videos to reading reviews watch my video below.

Looks and Build

We think this machine looks like Piplup (Pokemon fans will get this reference). It’s so cute but it’s also robust and quite heavy. I think the website photos make it look really big, but it’s not at all. It fits neatly on the side and can be easily tucked away, ours sits up against our microwave.  We’ve used it at least once a day for the past two months and it still looks brand new. It’s easy to wipe down and so far the quality of the machine is clear to see.

It Heats Up in Seconds

A big plus is the speed that it makes drinks. It heats up water probably faster than it takes to fill the kettle with water. You put water in the clear plastic bubble, it sucks it up a magical tube and it comes out super-hot – very impressive and I have no idea how it achieves this.

The PodsDelonghi coffee machine

The only drawback to this coffee machine is that it’s only compatible with Nescafe Dolche Gusto pods.  They do have a good selection and the ones we have tried have all been great. I love the Chococino as it’s just a hot chocolate and doesn’t contain caffeine, G is a fan of the Espresso and the Grande, while L loves the Mocha. However, it would be good to have more freedom on the pods that we used so we could have some more options and to take advantage of the sales in the shops. I would also love it if Nescafe would release a normal decaf tea pod – this is a serious downfall for me personally. They do decaf coffee, but I’m not a fan.

Overall, this is an amazing coffee machine that you can also use to make hot chocolates and a small selection of teas. It works extremely well and it produces coffee shop quality drinks at unbelievable speeds. It’s easy to operate, easy to keep clean and it doesn’t take up much space on the kitchen counter. It’s a big fat 5 stars from us.

We were sent the coffee machine in exchange for a video review from ao.com. I was not required to write this review but I wanted to share my opinions with you.



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