Dragon Ball FighterZ and Project Cars 2 at EGX 2017

The first playable games at this year’s EGX have been announced. Visitors have Bandai Namco to thank for the opportunity to play both Project Cars 2 and Dragon Ball FighterZ.

Project Cars 2 follows the Slightly Mad Studios title that is considered by many to be the most authentic racing game out there. In the new game players will enjoy more than 180 cars to salivate over and 40 tracks on career stream, with 130 layouts. The game also features day to night transitions and dynamic weather, just to add to the realism.

The game  now includes 29 motor sports types in the single player career mode. These are spread out over 6 tiers and there are 5 disciplines that help generate a challenging and engaging player experience. You create your own career. You can choose to start from karts and work your way up to IndyCar, or dive straight into the higher tiers.

Project Cars will be available for PS4, XboxOne and PC from September 22, 2017.

Dragon Ball FighterZ brings a mixture of 2D fighting with the world of Dragon Ball. There are 3 vs 3 battle mechanics and it’s an action packed gaming experience that has been developed by Arc System Works.

Two new playable characters have been revealed. Piccolo is one of the most technical characters thanks to his expandable arm. He is skilled at breaking opponent’s guard and has powerful beams and can fire fast. Krillin is lacking in reach and power compared with Piccolo, but that doesn’t mean he should be ignored. Krillin has many techniques that work well in long range games. He can confuse his opponents, leaving them vulnerable to attack. You can even use his famous Senzu Bean.

Dragon Ball FighterZ is expected to land on PS4 Xbox One and PC sometime in early 2018.


Now I’m not going to lie, neither of these games have got my heart racing, but at least the announcements are now coming. Hopefully, now the ball is rolling we’ll have many more announcements, ones that I can really sink my teeth into. This year is the 10th anniversary of EGX and I’m hoping it will be the best yet. We will be there for all four days, so if you see us don’t forget to come and say hello. Still need tickets? All the early entry tickets have sold out for all days, but there are still day tickets available.

EGX 2017 playable games



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