Dreams and Reality Blur Together in Past Cure – Psychological Thriller

A new psychological thriller is headed our way. Phantom 8 Studio recently released a teaser trailer for Past Cure, which releases February 23rd for PC, PlayStation and Xbox One and there’s a chance that it will be gripping.

Past Cure is an intense, cinematic, story-driven experience that involves you, Ian, a former elite soldier, to get to grips with your mind-bending mental abilities in order to survive.  You have a mysterious past and who knows what the future holds? Currently, Ian is living with his brother in a safe house. He is struggling to remember the past and is trying to deal with the aftermath of the experiments he endured. The experiments were designed to tap into the mind’s hidden powers and they left Ian scarred with unrelenting nightmares, visions and unstable powers.

Ian wants to know the truth and he wants revenge, so he is now on a thrilling hunt in a criminal underworld. To survive he depends on his mental powers such as time manipulation and telekinesis, but by doing so he only becomes more detached from reality, and soon darker forces come into the picture.

Sounds like an interesting title. I hope to have a chance to play on the demo before the release as it’s apparently launching on Steam very soon. I’ll let you know my thoughts if and when I get my hands on a copy. Who knows, this could be really interesting. Watch the teaser trailer above and see what you think.



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