E3 – Life is Strange: Before the Storm

Life is Strange Before the Storm E3

One of the most exciting moments for me at the E3 Xbox Conference last night was when Chloe appeared on-screen, casually smoking a fag and looking as cool as ever.  The original Life is Strange oozes charm. The art, the narrative, the story, the friendships, it’s so beautiful, entrancing and gripping. We already knew that Life is Strange ‘2’ was coming and that it would be a prequel focusing on Chloe, but now we have loads more details, a trailer, and stunning screenshots, yay! Let’s get to the news.

We now know it’s called Life is Strange: Before the Storm. It will be out in three parts/episodes with the first landing on August 31, 2017. I love it when we don’t have long to wait, thanks, Square Enix! The original was created by DONTNOD entertainment but Deck Nine Games are the developers this time round.to bringgoing to bring their StoryForge toolset to help improve the quality of the game.

“Many people can identify a particular person who significantly influenced their life; the person that ultimately shaped who they became. LIFE IS STRANGE: BEFORE THE STORM is about this exact moment.” Lee Singleton Head of Studio at Square Enix London Studios

We’re back in Arcadia Bay and it’s now three years before you arrived on the scene as Max with your incredible time traveling talents.  This time, you’re playing Chloe Prince. She’s 16 at the time and she’s already the rebellious ‘dear’ that we all know and love. The story is focused on her friendship with Rachel Amber, the popular girl at school. Now, if you’ve played Life is Strange you’ll be aware of Rachel and a bit of her story already. It seems that in this tale she will learn about some family secret that will take Chloe and Rachel on an adventure to help them overcome their demons.  There won’t be any time travel in this one, the consequences of actions cannot be escaped. It will be different but I’m hoping the ‘feels’ will be the same and the adventure, as gripping.

What I loved about the original Life is Strange is how it feels like you’re playing a book. There is real emotion there, you want to explore the world, understand the characters and let them carry you off into a different world. The narrative adventure game genre is one I’m really excited about. You finish work, eat dinner, pour yourself a glass of wine or beer, get comfy and settle down for some serious storytelling that you’re controlling and experiencing.  All three of us here are super excited for August 31 to arrive, check out the trailer and the latest video from the developers below.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm will be heading to Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Visit the Life is Strange Tumblr for more details as and when they arrive.




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