EA at E3 – A Way Out

A new type of co-op game, finally!

I can’t tell you how excited I am about A Way Out. Yeah, I can, I’m about to.

A Way Out was announced yesterday at the EA conference at E3. It’s a brand new original game made by Electronic Arts Inc and Hazelight.This is a story designed for two players to play collaboratively. Remember those games? I do and I miss them so much. I think the last Co-op game I played was Fable 2 or 3 perhaps, with G. There’s no taking turns, there’s no separation, no one is stuck watching, it’s just fun together.  What’s really interesting is the way the co-op is going to work. The two players are going to be able to collaborate and work together in all situations. The story seems cool too, not that I know a lot about it. Apparently, there is a compelling narrative and it’s an emotional adventure and not just an action packed adrenaline rush game. You can play online or you can play in the same room, yay!

The story begins with the two different inmates that you and your friend/boyfriend/child, whoever, are going to play. One called Leo and the other, Vincent. These characters don’t know one another but as the game progresses they’re going to have to trust each other as they help other’s escape.  Take a look at the trailer and see what you think, it looks pretty!

I cannot wait to play this with G. I just hope it’s as good as it looks. A Way Out is due for release in 2018 and it’s coming to Xbox One, PS4 and Origin.

I am hopeful that this will perhaps be a game changer. If successful, we could see more co-op games that will bring us incredible games with in-depth stories that we can play together as we sit in the same room. We have a huge TV downstairs that is neglected. I am hoping we can play this on console down there and really enjoy gaming together on a more personal level.



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