EGX 2016 – The Games We Played on Day One


My first EGX vlog is up on YouTube but as I know many of you aren’t following me there I thought I’d share the video with you right here, yay!

The day was long but so, so good. We loved every single minute, even the time we spent waiting in the queues. If you haven’t already you can read my overview of our EGX experience by clicking here. Today I will run through my thoughts on some of the new games we played on Thursday.

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare and Modern Warfare Remastered

G loves CoD and is a decent player, I, on the other hand, have only played it briefly and I admit my FPS skills are seriously lacking. I did play through the Modern Warfare 2 Campaign, with the aid of G and I have played multiplayer a handful of times, and that’s the extent of my experience. I wasn’t expecting much. I was pretty nervous as I didn’t want to let my team down. I jumped on anyway and you know what, as a relatively new and inexperienced player, I loved it! Infinite Warfare had an awesome looking map – I don’t know the name of it and can’t remember much but it had a red barn in it… It was fast and it was fun. We then moved on to Modern Warfare and after playing such a

I loved it! Infinite Warfare had an awesome looking map – I don’t know the name of it and can’t remember much but it had a red barn in it… It was fast and it was fun. We then moved on to Modern Warfare and after playing such a high speed match I am sad to say the experience was lacking. It was boring and I did really suck at it. However, G also agrees with me and he has been very sceptical about Infinite Warfare up until Thursday. Now, he’s looking forward to it and we’re going to play it together. Perhaps I’ll become a CoD player after all. Call of Duty Infinite Warfare may already be surrounded by hate but we will be buying it. Ummm, maybe.

Horizon Zero Dawn

This is the game I was most excited about. We went to line up to play straight after CoD but we had to put our names down for the 5.30 slot as they decided this was the best way to avoid the queues. Considering it was just past 12 and the show closed at 6pm we were really lucky to get to play it that day.  When we arrived at 5.30 we were ushered into a small cinema type room where we watched a demo that we had never seen before – learning more about Aloy and her history and her mission. We were then talked through some of the actions Aloy needed to perform and shown some moves in order to help us with the demo.

We were then given 15 minutes each on the demo (we initially had to share the PS4 but the people next to us left so I hopped on their PS4 and had about 20 minutes of gameplay). Now, this is where the disappointment set in. The demo was so short and limited – we couldn’t see the map, couldn’t open the menu or do anything other than our set goals. If you roamed too far the demo would restart. The game did look incredible and it was smooth to play and we’re both really looking forward to it. We were just disappointed by the demo experience. We’re definitely buying this game.

Little Nightmares

I was really looking forward to playing Little Nightmares after watching the trailer for it. I love the art in the game; it has a Tim Burton type feel to it and is charming in design. The area at EGX was also irresistible. The set design was just like the game and there were characters running around and keeping us entertained as we waited in the queue. Bandai Namco did a great job.

Playing the game was fun but I don’t think this really is a game for me. I am not really a platformer type player, I find them repetitive (that’s down to my lack of skills!), limiting and annoying. It does look like an epic game and if you love platform style games then you will love it. I found it pretty tough to work out what I was supposed to do once I left the kitchen area (you had to make sure the crazy chef didn’t spot you by using stealth and sprinting) and G didn’t even get out of the kitchen!  I still love the idea and the style but I think this is a game I’ll watch rather than play. Having said that, we were playing standing up and there was a person playing directly behind you so we kept bumping into them. Perhaps I will give it a go in the comfort of my own home before fully writing it off. It does appeal to me, I just wish I liked platformers.

Final Fantasy XV

We had a short wait for Final Fantast XV as the queue was really short for it and we were killing time before heading to Horizon Zero Dawn. Everyone was given half an hour to play, but we jumped on a spare PS4 after a couple of people left early, so we got 15 minutes. This was long enough to get really excited for the release of the game. Honestly, this game looks beautiful, the characters, the weapons, the setting, it’s all pristine clean, bright and appealing. The female character was extremely sexualised but that kind of comes with the territory.  We were given a few tasks to do and it taught us some of the basic fighting moves as we ran around the area and performing the mini quests. It felt good to play and I’m glad they no longer used the turn based fighting as I find that really boring. G is a fan of the traditional fighting style but he too got into the game. Final Fantasy XV will be on our list of games to buy.

Did you play any of these titles at EGX? Which one are you most hyped for? Come and tell me on Twitter or leave a comment on the vlog.



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