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EGX 2017 – Day One Impressions

Hello, ladies and gents. It’s Monday and today is pretty much a nothing day (apart from housework day I suppose). We are in recovery from an incredible weekend spent at EGX 2017 in Birmingham. I am far too exhausted to give my full write-up, but I want to share initial thoughts. Additionally, I want to share my video that I published on the actual day 1 of EGX. It was quickly edited in our Premier Inn room and uploaded over their very slow Internet, but it worked! Have a watch and it will give you a quick idea of what was there and what we got up to.

This year was fantastic, taking it back to the delights of 2015. Nintendo had a great presence and in fact, they had our game of the show, Super Mario Odyssey. It was just great to have PlayStation, Nintendo and Xbox in full force. The show floor was larger and there was a huge abundance of indie games also. With that in mind, this year required all 4 days in order to get around the whole show. If you were to come on Saturday only you may have only had a chance to go on a couple of games. The entire 4 days gives you the opportunity to really absorb the show and everything it has on offer. So if you’re planning on going next year I do recommend making a whole weekend of it if you can.

Sadly, I broke our camera on the second day while filming playing South Park: The Fractured But Whole. Filming pretty much ceased from that point on. I used my old Samsung S6 (also broken) to take some photos and the odd film. Once I am rested I will piece together any clips I have and see if there’s a short video in there or not. I do have a great collection of photos so do expect to see more from me very soon.

EGX 2017 Personal Highlights

We had a few of extra special highlights I do want to mention right now. The first one was seeing Craig Charles in the flesh – he was there filming with The Gadget Show on Thursday. Seeing him was awesome, but then he actually bumped into me from behind, I apologised and so did he, and then I saw who it was and my eyes grew wide, I gasped and the smile on my face was unmeasurable. My eyes actually watered, I don’t really know why. I know this is something so basic and simple, but as a huge fan of Red Dwarf, I definitely count this as one of my highlights.

The second highlight was watching Ali A in action. I had a selfie taken with him but the major bonus for me was watching him setting up his shots and filming for his YouTube channel. It was really fascinating to watch and it was impressive to see him in action. I wouldn’t call myself an Ali A fan, but I do respect what he has achieved and I enjoy the occasional vlog with Clare and Eevee.

The third highlight was seeing the Veteran Gamers. I didn’t make the most of this meeting as I was pretty much dead on my feet, but it was awesome all the same. G had a full on chat with the guys on camera, I’ll share their EGX vlog if G makes the cut when it comes out (probably next year sometime). Now we have been watching Veteran Gamers since we discovered them in 2015. We watched the 2015 EGX video and the intro is just brilliant and we’ve been subscribed ever since.  I enjoyed his Bioshock playthrough recently and G watches his Pubg streams. Anyway, these are really funny guys and it was a real pleasure to have a brief interaction with them, sadly they know me as the girlfriend. Sigh.

All in all the EGX experience is one we always make the most of and enjoy. Already counting down to next year, but cherishing sleep for now.




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