The Elder Scrolls Online Free Play Weekend

Elder Scrolls Online Free Weekend

I’m currently deeply involved with Skyrim. I don’t have the Remastered version just yet. We’ve spent out on Gears of War 4, Call of Duty Infinite Warfare, Titanfall 2 and Battlefield 1 and pre-ordered Pokémon Sun and Moon over the past month. There’s no way we can afford anything else at the moment, but that’s okay.  I’ve been streaming Skyrim on the PC and playing on the Xbox 360 in bed too. I’m totally hooked once more and loving it and I know that when I do get my hands on the remastered version (we’ll be getting it on the PS4 around Christmas I think) I know that I’ll simply sink myself into it once more with a whole new character.  In my opinion, it’s one of the best games ever made. It’s definitely in my top 5, perhaps even top 3.

Play The Elder Scrolls Online for Free This Weekend

Now let’s get on to the current news. The Elder Scrolls Online is free to play starting from 6pm today and ending on November 20th.  You can play it on your PC, Mac or PS4 (even if you don’t have PlayStation Plus) and discover this title and all it has to offer.

I was a late starter to The Elder Scrolls Online. The monthly cost of the game put me off to start with and then came all the negative reviews. I did finally pick up a copy in the summer and I did enjoy it but it didn’t grip me as much as I was hoping.  I do know that this title has evolved a fair bit from what it was when it was originally released. I feel that haters are going to hate it no matter what, but if you’re perhaps a little less critical and go in with an open mind it is a game that has a lot to give.

The free weekend offers you:

  • Full access to the Tamriel base game, no limits.
  • 500 free crowns that you can spend however you want. Buy a new costume; get yourself a faithful pet or whatever you want to improve your gaming experience.
  • Progress retention. The character you create this weekend can be transferred if you go on to buy the full game.
  • Entered into the Trip of a Lifetime giveaway. If you take part in the Free Play Weekend you’ll be entered into a giveaway where you could win one of five amazing trips around the world. The trip includes meals, accommodation and adventure days out with local guides. To be entered you’ll need to play and register.

If you play on Xbox One you will be given a Free Weekend in the near future, but the date isn’t confirmed as yet.

If you’ve been waiting to buy the game for a while this might be the weekend to do it. Bethesda is offering discounts for all versions of the game on PS4 up until November 24. You’ll also find discounts on Steam up until November 28th. There are also discounts on Crown Packs over the weekend, handy for new and current players.

G and I both have copies of The Elder Scrolls Online and we are hoping to get around to streaming together at some point. All we need to do is find time. Until then, you can always come and join in one of my Skyrim streams on Twitch, YouTube Gaming or Beam. I’d love to see you there and get to know you better.



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