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Elle and Cait’s Product Picks for August

I have a couple of helpers working with me on Reclusive Fox and this month they have picked out their favourite products of the month. Let’s kick off with Cait.

Ambience Dry Shampoo

Ambience Volumising Dry Shampoo

Both Elle and I were really excited when we the Ambiance Dry Shampoo turned up on our doorstep, but our excitement was cut short. The sample we were given was for blonde hair and we currently both have brunette (we do chop and change from time to time). Our bad news was good for Cait who has the most stunning naturally blonde hair. So we handed her over the dry shampoo and asked her to give it a try.

The feedback was excellent (yes, we were even more jealous at this point!). Cait put the dry shampoo on her unwashed hair and found it soaked up the grease leaving it looking and feeling fresh and smelling fabulous. She applied it once in the afternoon and her hair was looking great for the entire night and into the following morning. She loved the fact that it wasn’t a spray (something I too appreciate and am interested in as Elle sprays enough chemicals in her room as it is). The powder does come out of the brush at quite a fast rate so it’s important to only tilt the brush slightly and to remain in control of your tapping, unless you want to get covered with the stuff.

Ambiance Dry Shampoo Review
Model: Cait

It’s an excellent product that isn’t full of harsh chemicals, this is a big bonus for all of us. Being 100% natural and effective means I’m certainly going to buy for Elle from now on. It does retail at around £11.99 so it’s not cheap but this pack comes with a free refill and you really don’t need a lot of it to work. Oh and if you do have coloured hair the powder is coloured so it can help disguise those pesky roots (I could have done with this product about a month ago!).

Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick by Kate

Lasting Finish Lipstick by Kate Rimmel London

Elle was given the task of trying out the Lasting Finish by Kate lipstick from Rimmel London.  The pale pink colour of the 101 Rosetto/Rouge doesn’t look good on me at all but Elle was only too pleased to help out.

The lipstick comes in an attractive red tube with Kate’s signature and the Rimmel crown embossed into the top of the lid and retails at £5.49. It looks impressive but it doesn’t have that expensive price tag that can make it difficult for teenagers to afford. This is a matt colour, something Elle was pleased about as she takes after me when it comes to sparkle and glitter, we’re not huge fans of it, preferring the matt finish instead.  The colour is pretty long-lasting and it doesn’t dry out Elle’s lips and it has a very pleasant scent which is always an added bonus.

Elle was already well aware of the Kate Moss range and she’s been wearing this lipstick each day for about three weeks now as it has found its way into her daily make-up routine – a good sign that this meets with her quite high.

Do you have a favourite product at the moment? Share yours in the comments below or send @ReclusiveFox at Tweet and let me know all about your recommendations.

It’s useful to have a couple of teenagers at hand to give their thoughts and opinions and test out the products that aren’t suited to me.  Many thanks to Elle and Cait for lending me a hand and providing genuine reactions and experiences for the review.


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