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Feeling Like a Million Dollars – OWNONLY Tailored Suits

Ownonly suit review

Forget buying suits off the rack, these days there’s no need. We’ve just had our first experience of having a suit tailored made for G and there’s no going back. Why wear a suit that isn’t perfectly crafted to your body? Why not make use of an excellent service that delivers impeccable results?

Own Only Suit Review

OWNONLY  has a website that removes the need to go and get measured in person. Provided you have a friend and a tape measure you can take the measurements in your own home, share them with OWNONLY on the website and let the tailors work their magic. The process does take a little time but it’s worth getting it right.  There are short videos showing you exactly how and where to measure for each point on the body, helping to make the process a lot smoother. The first set of measurements we took were wrong, thanks to G wearing trousers that were too loose. We wouldn’t have known this but the experts at OWNONLY  picked up on the errors immediately and asked us to check, and thank goodness they did. The second time around I made G put on his tightest jeans (G doesn’t really wear anything that isn’t loose fitting) and the measurements were significantly different. We got it right second time but I did remain slightly nervous that the suit would arrive and not fit.

Own Only Suit Review

There was no need to worry though, the fit is perfect. The suit arrived a few of days after being shipped (a lot faster than I was expecting) and the quality was apparent immediately. It came in a great bag, hung on a beautiful wooden hanger (yes, hangers can be beautiful!) and a handy clothes brush too – a nice touch. The fabric feels so smooth and the purple lining gives a little flash of colour every now adding to the overall look.

Own Only Suit Review

This is the two-piece dark grey business suit that retails at $239. You’re able to select the features you want – choosing the different types of pockets, size of lapels, vents, the cut, the lining and a number of other features. G opted for an interior monogram to really personalise the suit – choosing to add his PSN tag.  He also added the Intelligent Pocket and headphone pocket, a great feature if you love to listen to tunes while you go about your business. The level of customisation along with the tailoring result in a suit that is simply perfect for you.


Would we recommend OWNONLY ? Yes, no question. Would we use OWNONLY  again? Without a doubt. The suit fits like a glove. The quality of the tailoring is excellent. It looks far superior to any suits in the shops and knowing the pattern has been cut to fit G’s body perfectly adds something extra special to the whole experience.

G was sent the suit in return for an honest review.




  1. Helen The good life mum

    Oh that is a really nice suit he is looking sharp in it too

    16 . Dec . 2014
  2. Nettie

    Thank you, I’ll tell him you said so 🙂

    16 . Dec . 2014
  3. Tracey

    The suit looks perfect. You really can’t beat a proper tailored fit. My worry would be getting the measurements wrong, so it’s reassuring to hear that they do pick-up on measurement mistakes – I’m a bit hopeless when it comes to anything connected with needlework, lol!

    16 . Dec . 2014
  4. Nettie

    That was my biggest concern (even after they asked me to double check). I measured him several times yet still felt nervous. The fact that they questioned my first measurements has given me real reason to recommend them to others.

    16 . Dec . 2014
  5. Bryan

    Hi, I see you got the intelligent pocket…is the hole for the headphones weird or visible normally?

    27 . Apr . 2015
  6. Nettie

    Doesn’t look weird at all, it’s very neatly tucked away behind the lapel. A great feature 🙂

    30 . Apr . 2015
  7. AX

    Was this sponsored by own only?

    07 . May . 2015
  8. Nettie

    Not sponsored no. G was sent the suit that he designed in return for an honest review as it states at the end of the post

    07 . May . 2015
  9. Tom

    Did you order slim fit or standard? I am thinking about ordering a suit from them, but I am a thin guy and don’t want it to be baggy.

    30 . Jun . 2015
  10. Nettie

    Standard I believe, my other half isn’t a fan of the slim fit.

    05 . Jul . 2015

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