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Fighting Agoraphobia and Panic Attacks – Vlog

I’ve been wanting to venture into vlogging for ages now and I decided to finally bite the bullet this week while I was walking the dog. Please take a moment to watch Day One, which will give you a bit of info about me and why I blog and how I’m making steps to banish panic attacks, anxiety and agoraphobia from my life. I’m pretty much laid bare in the video, no make up, wind-swept hair and I’m totally out of breath after climbing up a steep hill. But I wanted to beginning my vlogging venture by being totally open and honest, with the real me.

Future vlogs won’t all be about mental health or my journey, they’ll be similar to this blog. Some days I may show you what we get up to, others I’ll talk to you about products or clothing that I’m loving or even lusting after. I may venture into gaming a little bit too. It’s going to vary, so please subscribe to my channel if you’re interested in seeing a little slice of life behind the scenes here at Reclusive Fox.



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