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Fighting Crime with Deadbeat Heroes – It’s Beat ‘Em Up Time

Deadbeat Heroes Review

You know those times when you pick up a game that you’re not really feeling at that moment and it turns out to be possibly the best game you could have played at that time? A game that looks like it might be fun, and it turns out to be so enjoyable you find it hard to put it down. That’s the experience G had with Deadbeat Heroes last week. He wasn’t really in the mood to play, but within no time at all, he couldn’t put it down. That’s the sign of a decent game.

Deadbeat Heroes is described as a 3D brawling crime-fighting caper. UK based studio Upstream Arcade, founded by two very impressive developers, Adam Langridge, a programmer from Lionhead and Imkan Hayati, a talented artist who previously worked at Rockstar. These guys come with experience, talent and their work on triple-A franchises has given them the skills to realise their own vision. They aimed for a fast and fluid brawler, offering players a chance to show off through impressive moves and they deliver.

Published by Square Enix Collective, it’s a button mashing game that will have you chuckling away to yourself while you head on in to sort shit out. It’s a classic fighter from days gone by, with 40 levels that are filled with plenty of enemies to keep you busy.

You Have to Make the Grade (Bring on the Rage!)

The attacks are movement based – you pick up the main moves in a forced tutorial at the start – it’s not very long but having the option to skip would have been appreciated. You also have super abilities that you can steal from the enemies you defeat. You must act and think fast because this is a game that will punish your mistakes. Each chapter has levels. You’re graded through those levels and if you make the grade you get to meet the chapter boss.  If you fail the boss or any of the levels heading to that boss, you must start the chapter over. It’s annoying and the only thing about the game that gets a thumbs down. Restarting the boss or the failed level would be preferred and it would definitely benefit the overall gameplay experience.

The art style of Deadbeat Heroes is what I shall call ‘snazzy’. It’s like a cel-shaded, obviously comic inspired arcade game and it oozes British charm. The humour is totally British too, it’s funny, filled with puns and the voice actors do a super job. The voice acting smoothers you in the 70’s London vibe.

Cheak out G’s first playthrough!

Yay to the Co-Op!

Co-op mode is always greatly appreciated in this house and Deadbeat Heroes lets you take in the game with your friend at your side. Local co-op brings extra life to the game that is already fun to play. You get to share the powerups and health and it’s a great option to consider if you’re really struggling to meet the grade. It may not help your solo game move forward, but you’re going to have a great time with your sidekick. It’s a great game for after the pub or a Saturday morning. Can we have a few more multiplayers like this, please?

Deadbeat Heroes Review

Overall, Deadbeat Heroes is an entertaining game that is going to give you a challenge, heck you may not even complete it! We recommend playing it with a buddy if you can, but if not, you’re still going to have a rollicking good time. It’s also well worth the money and is a total bargain right now. If you’re bored, go get it, you won’t be bored for long.

Deadbeat Heroes available on PC and Xbox One.



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