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Glossybox Unboxing – Stars & Stripes Baby Yeah!

It’s  that time of the month when all subscribers to Glossybox finally get to see what’s inside their box. This month Glossybox went with the Stars and Stripes theme so we all knew that we’d be getting some delights from the good old U S of A, but would we be left wanting? Here’s my reaction.

Glossybox July Stars and Stripes

First off I adore the box, it looks fantastic. Going to make great use of it for storing creams and make-up. In fact my daughter and I want to share so many products we’ve been getting we’ve decided to dedicate it for that purpose, our shared goody box. Anyhow, yes, loved the packaging but what about the products?

Carmex July Glossybox

Upon opening the box my eyes were drawn instantly to the bright yellow and red packaging of Carmex. It’s a full-sized product worth £2.69 and not all that exciting but at least it’s not a sample right? Carmex lip balm is apparently a celebrity favourite but I have to be honest here, I’m not that keen on it. I find it is too strong for my lips, it tingles and the smell and taste (no I’m not eating it) isn’t my cup of tea. My daughter’s eyes lit up when she saw it so that one has gone straight into her school bag,  nothing goes to waste in this house.

Color Club July Glossybox

The Color Club Glossy Seal came next and I immediately appreciated the blue colour, gorgeous. This is a colour that appeals to me, I’d probably buy it in the shops as there’s something about dark nail varnish that I adore. According to Glossybox the colour has been specially formulated for the Stars & Stripes theme, cool huh? It retails at $8 for 15ml, which works out at £4.67 according to Google (July 16 2014) and it was a full-sized product.

Bellapierre Glossybox July

My hands landed on the Bellapierre Cosmetics Ltd Mineral Lipstick and my immediate thoughts were that the plastic packaging felt horribly cheap and tacky. The colour is Ruby and wow, it’s bright! I’m not a lipstick fan as I don’t like drawing attention to my mouth, my eyes are my best feature. my boyfriend hates lipstick too so this isn’t any good for me. However, if you love lipstick then you’ll probably be pleased to find this in your Glossybox. It’s a full-sized product once more  and comes with a price tag of £20!

Tarte Mascara July Glossybox

Next out the box came the tarte lights, camera, lashes 4-in-1 mascara. The texture of the packaging is interesting but again it’s yet another mascara. Apparently this one will lengthen, curl, volumise and condition your lashes which makes it a US mascara hero so Glossybox say. I’ve not used it yet but I will so if it’s worth mentioning later on I’ll come back to it. Now mascara is something I use all the time so it’s going to be put to good use but it’s not overly exciting to receive yet another one out of these subscription boxes. The sample size is 4ml and the full-sized 7ml product costs£19.50, so it wants to be good at that price.

Absolute Primer July Glossybox

Finally we come to the Absolute New York Perfecting Eyeshadow Primer. Again, not overly exciting but I’ll give it a go. This was another full-sized product retailing at $4.99 – £2.91 – pretty cheap. It’s oil free and works to even the skin tone around the eye area and avoid creases in your eyeshadow and makes it last longer on your lids. This is another product my daughter pinched off me but I’ll get to try it out at some point…

So that’s my July 2014 Glossybox. Overall I am happy, both my daughter and I have some new additions to experiment with so the £10 plus £2.95 p&p has been well spent in my opinion. I’d love to know what you thought of the Stars and Stripes Glossybox this month.




  1. Lucinda Hurst

    Looks like a mixed bag but I’m a huge carmex fan (it does take some getting used to!) and always looking out for new primers to try!
    Thanks for sharing <3
    Love Lucinda xx

    16 . Jul . 2014
  2. Sarah

    Glossy boxes always seem to be a bit mixed, I’d rather just go and buy a few products I know I like each month. But I do like the packaging!

    16 . Jul . 2014
  3. Gems

    I am a big fan of carmex, the minty one is my favourite, so fresh and lovely!

    Gems x x

    21 . Jul . 2014

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