Grateful Friday – Goodbye June, Hello July!

Loving you

Time goes quicker as you get older, something that can seem quite scary if you think about it too long. The best way to slow down the time is to allow yourself a moment to remember what you treasured or experienced in the few days that have gone by. That’s the purpose of my Grateful Friday posts, why not try it yourself?

Things that I have enjoyed this past week:

  • The smell of rain on hot concrete
  • Long sunny days and drinks in the outdoors
  • New opportunities, opening doors and accepting challenges
  • Nurturing– a seed growing into a plant that is bearing food, it’s easier than I thought!
  • Gaining confidence – heading out the door thinking “I can do this”
  • Learning something new – I made a drawstring bag for my daughter’s laundry as well as a cushion cover, it was great fun and totally satisfying
  • Good books you can’t wait to pick up – seriously don’t know how I lived before the Kindle entered my life – genius invention

The simple pleasures in life are so often taken for granted, don’t let that happen.




  1. Louise

    After sitting and listening to my other half moan about the lack of money I am bringing in at the mo (he forgets about all the vouchers that gets us free shopping etc) this was a really great post to make me feel better about myself 🙂

    Yes, work may be slow but I will grab the very next opportunity that comes my way xx

    04 . Jul . 2014
  2. Nayna Kanabar (@citrusspiceuk)

    I love your list, Its the little things in life when added together makes life so perfect.

    04 . Jul . 2014

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