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Grateful Friday – Sunshine and Happiness

The sunrise in Arizona

The half term weather was a bit of a disappointment. We had rain, hardly surprising really. The one good day was the Sunday when I awoke to the hungry animals at 6:30am along with the most glorious blue skies and blazing sunshine.

I have never been diagnosed with SAD I am sure the dull weather does have an effect on me. I do love the rain, I love the snow (gutted there wasn’t any snow fall this year) and dark evenings are quite soothing for me. However, when I wake up to a bright day outside it makes me feel a bit stronger. Like I’m able to look forward to the day ahead without fear. With that in mind here’s my grateful Friday list from the week that has just past.

  • Sunny days – a no-brainer
  • Littlewoods – I have ordered my king sized bed as requested on my Wednesday wish list. See, if you focus on things and think positively there’s no stopping you! Without Littlewoods I wouldn’t be able to have one yet – credit is bad but we all have our vices.
  • The Body Shop – My daughter loves beauty products and toiletries so I placed a big order for her upcoming birthday. I love the fact that we can buy from The Body Shop and know that no animals have been tested on.

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  1. Blue Bear Wood (@BlueBearWood)

    Sunshine makes so much difference doesn’t it. I love that the sun has come out to play having had such a miserable halfterm with illness ourselves over half term. We’re off to the beach hut after school for some sun and fun!

    06 . Jun . 2014
  2. Erika

    I am sure most people notice a difference with the weather. I do not like the heat, but the sun shining is always a pleasant sign!

    06 . Jun . 2014
  3. Nettie

    Sounds heavenly, have fun!

    06 . Jun . 2014

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