Grateful Friday

Orchid raised by my own fair hands

One of the reasons I decided to get back into personal blogging is to break free of the constraints of my everyday work. While I do enjoy what I do immensely sometimes I have the urge to write freely, to put my views across and to simply let my fingers scatter merrily across the keyboard to see what comes out.

Having had a bit of a think about where I want to take this blog I have decided to create Grateful Friday.  Too many of us are heavily involved in the negative side of life (especially when each day is a bit of an uphill struggle due to anxieties, phobias or depression). Letting go of that negativity, even for a short time, can do wonders for the mental state and at least put things slightly into perspective.  So here is my grateful Friday list of things that I have enjoyed or appreciated this week.

  • Snapchat – My daughter made me download Snapchat this week as she has disabled her Facebook account. We have had some great fun sharing stupid photos together already. Now I have to convert my friends to the app.
  • Orchids – The plant we thought was dead a few months back has sprung into life, brightening the kitchen and giving us something beautiful to look at while the rain falls.
  • Game of Thrones – it wasn’t on this week and it has been missed. What an incredible show it is, can’t wait for next Monday!
  • Kindle Paperwhite – Recently I have been taking the weekends off, and this week I had a bank Holiday too. I read pretty much the whole time and my Kindle Paperwhite has to be one of the best purchases I have made in the last six months or so.
  • Half Term – No alarms, plenty of mother daughter bonding time and no school traffic outside my window.

Why not join me, listing five things each Friday that you are grateful for. It’s a great excuse to buy a new notepad and pen if nothing else! What are you grateful for this week?




  1. Alex

    That’s such a great idea! It’s nice to be a little optimistic instead of letting yourself get bogged down. I’ll try do this post next week, I’ll link back to this post if that’s okay with you?
    Alex x

    30 . May . 2014
  2. reclusivefox

    Thanks Alex, really pleased you’re going to try it and a link back would be fab! Have a happy Friday 🙂

    30 . May . 2014
  3. Beauty Is Inside And Out

    I have been feeling terrible this week everything just got on top of me and i feel worse for not feeling more possitive , I should be more grateful that i have my health and fmily around me x

    30 . May . 2014
  4. reclusivefox

    It’s all the little things too that we take for granted. Like a delicious cup of tea or a five minute uninterrupted bath. It’s okay to have bad weeks too though, we all do. Hope things pick up for you, keep smiling x

    30 . May . 2014

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