Great Little Gifts for Gamers This Christmas from Venom

Buying for gamers can be an extremely expensive business. Not everyone is able to fork out for the Xbox One X (or the 4K HDR tv that needs to come with it) or perhaps the console has been purchased but the set up isn’t quite complete. Never fear, you have a few options open to you that all gamers will appreciate. Here are a few gaming accessories from Venom that will definitely be appreciated all year round and none of them will break the bank. Add them to your wish list or treat the gamers in your life this Christmas.

Venom Twin Controller Docking Stations

Venom Xbox One X Docking Station

Do you know what’s totally annoying? Sitting down to play only to find the controller needs charging. The Venom docking stations provide you with a really simple solution to this irritating problem. Venom have docking stations for the Xbox One/Xbox One X and the PS4. We have the PS4 docking station and the older Venom docking station for the Xbox 360 and can vouch for these products. The Xbox 360 dock is still in action to this day, we’ve had it for probably about 5 or 6 years. The beauty of these docking stations is that you place the controllers into the station and leave them there while at work/school or doing other things. They keep everything charged up for you with the rechargeable Nimh battery packs that come included with the Xbox One version. The PS4 docking station uses two micro USB dongles making it simple to drop and charge.

Venom PS4 docking station

As an added bonus they also keep everything neat and tidy. Nice work Venom.

Venom Nintendo Switch Quad Charging Station

Similar to the docking stations above, the Nintendo Switch Quad charging station is basically the same as the charging stations above, except it works with the Switch JoyCon controllers. The station connects to the Switch dock via the USB cable, where the controllers are recharged until you next want to play. While I don’t think a docking station is needed for one pair of JoyCons, it’s definitely a bonus for households that have a player two with their own pair of JoyCons.

Switch JoyCon Docking Station

Venom Marauder 7.1 Headset

Headsets can be a confusing world. There are ones that work only with the PC, some with Xbox while others only work with PS4. You can get some decent headsets that work with everything, making life and storage a lot easier. Another problem is the price as headsets can go to astronomical prices (Astros, cough cough). Venom have released a brand new affordable headset that works Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, Ps3 and PC. The Maurauder headset has virtual 7.1 surround sound you get audio accuracy helping to improve your accuracy in game (great for Pubg!).

Marauder headset from Venom

I haven’t tried these in real life so I can’t vouch for their comfort level, but they claim to have a cushioned headband and ear cups that provide exceptional comfort. If I get my hands on a pair I’ll be sure to let you know how comfortable they are as this is an area of importance for me. I really like the addition of controls on the cable, something I wish I had on my Razer Krakens.

The docking and charging stations all retail for below £20, if you shop around you’ll be able to find them for between £12.99 and £17.99 (at time of publishing). The Marauder headset has the RRP of £49.99, which is an excellent price for a headset that delivers excellent 7.1 sound and works with multiple formats. I’ve added some links above that take you to Amazon. Please note these are affiliate links but the prices are also brilliant so be sure to check them out.





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