Heading Back into Rapture! Burial at Sea Episode One


Burial at Sea – Episode One was released last week with very little fanfare. It starts with Booker DeWitt in his office, the door knocks and he opens to find the beautiful Elizabeth who is in need of a private detective in order to find a little girl. Yes, in this time frame Booker and Elizabeth are strangers; it’s a whole new tale.

From there you get to see Rapture as you’ve never seen it before. It’s full of life and characters, there are shoppers milling around, cosy couples sitting together and gatherings of people absorbed with watching the sea life as it passes by the huge glass walls. Big Daddies aren’t a threat just yet either; they’re busy working hard making life in Rapture tick on as it should.


For us, this was the highlight of the game. Running around rapture, exploring and experiencing the world we have come to love so much in BioShock 1 and 2. The music, the atmosphere, the age, it’s all there to explore, but sadly the exploration is limited. After the initial pleasure of being back in this incredible location you quickly find yourself feeling bored and restricted. At least until the real story begins, focusing on the rivalry between Andrew Ryan and Frank Fontaine.

Now we’re not going to go any further with the narrative because we don’t like to give away the story, especially where BioShock is concerned. This isn’t just a game for us, it’s an experience to get lost in. What we will tell you is that pretty quickly you’ll find yourself back in an environment you’ll recognise from the original BioShock. Leaking water, the crazy splicers chatter and the cracked windows all work together to recreate that incredibly suspensive atmosphere that will work to tense all the muscles in your body. For us Elizabeth does sometimes ruin the ambiance, she’s a chatterbox and it would have been great to be able to just shut her out for a while to really feel immersed.


The gruesomeness can be found, the horror is there, something that was seriously lacking in BioShock Infinite. The use of the weapons such as the skyhook (Now known as the Air Grabber) have been excellently incorporated, plus Elizabeth gets to use her power to open tears so taking on the freaky Splicers is much more gratifying when pulling in a turret or even a… Samurai? However, it’s a short experience as before you know it you’ll have completed the story and be left wishing you had more to explore under the waves.

The gameplay is excellent as is the detail. If you are in love with Rapture like us you will appreciate this DLC just to be back there with some new challenges ahead of you. There are plenty of audio diaries for you to discover, covering stories from a fair few of Raptures characters and although they are easy to find they can also be missable leaving you with an urge to replay through episode one. Plus you will get to grips with an entirely brand new weapon named the Radar Range, microwaving Splicers and blowing them into pieces causing almighty splash damage onto other nearby foes.


You won’t feel as if you’ve wasted your money either especially if you have purchased the season pass. However,  if you were looking to spend more time in Columbia (we weren’t) you may feel a little bit disappointed. We can’t give you a proper conclusion until we’ve played the second episode which will hopefully be released sooner rather than later, we want to know more, experience more and spend more time in one of the best environments in any game. It’s hard to say just yet what the overall success of Burial at Sea DLC will be until the next exciting episode is released, and to be honest we can’t wait.



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