I have a New Den – Moving House Tips

Moving House

We’ve finally set up home in our new cosy den and already I feel at home. It’s a beautiful house on the side of a hill with stunning views that continue to blow me away each time I look out the window. We’re able to walk the dogs on the hills daily and collect fresh water from a spring that tastes, well, like nothing at all, it’s so pure. We have one room full of boxes still but the rest of the house is all set up after four days of hard work. After the Easter holidays I’ll be back to work and blogging full time, but as it’s been a while I thought I’d better pop in and give you a mini update.

So, we moved house last Saturday and it was one of the hardest days I’ve had for a very long time. It rained, the boxes we had kept splitting, two of our helpers pulled out at the last minute and our new house has 30 steep steps down to the front door that slowed us down far more than we anticipated. G certainly had a very tough day. If you’re planning on moving home I can’t recommend hiring a removal firm enough. We started at 9:30am and finished around 10pm and we were shattered. We threw the mattress on the floor and left everything else in chaos.

Moving House

Leaving my old house was easy, there weren’t any tears shed, even though I spent the last 13 years there. I moved in when Elle was just 17 months old so you’d think there would be some emotional attachment. However, the house had so many problems I really was desperate to say goodbye to it. Our new home has no damp, it has no lawn to take care of, just an amazing paved patio space perfect for parties, yoga and sunbathing. We have double glazed windows, doors that close properly and we’re away from a busy road. The walls aren’t covered in hideous wood chip wall paper either and it feels so big and open.

Moving House

I have some moving tips for anyone doing it for the first time, or going it alone without the help of the pros:

  1. Avoid large cardboard boxes. We asked our local Tesco for boxes and we had loads given to us, but many of them were huge. Large boxes are a nightmare – they’re too heavy for one person to carry and if you don’t fill them up they simply collapse and rip.
  2. Invest in quality tape. We found cheap packing tape at Wilko and it really was rubbish. It came unstuck within hours. A few more quid will secure your boxes a lot more efficiently.
  3. Be organised and label the boxes. Count the number of boxes you have too so you can do a quick count at the end of the long day to check nothing is missing.
  4. Get as much help as you can on the day.
  5. It’s going to take you much longer than you think it is. G thought we’d have moved everything by 2pm, I thought it would be 4pm – we were both very wrong.
  6. If you’re planning on going to the tip on the same day as the move, make sure the tip run is the first run of the day. We decided to leave it till last and we missed the tip as a result. We now have to pay for the council to collect the items left in the driveway, an expense we really could do without.
  7. Make your beds first if you can – we weren’t able to but this is a tip worth paying attention to.
  8. Don’t forget the meter readings. Take the readings in your old house and ring them through on that day so you don’t need to worry about it again. When you arrive at the new place take the readings again and put them in a safe place so you’re able to call the suppliers the following day with accurate figures.

So I now have the job of finding my camcorder as it’s the only thing we seem to have misplaced in the move. I’ll be back very soon, but for the next couple of days I’ll be settling in some more and enjoying some chocolate eggs. Happy Easter everyone!




  1. Angela Spicer

    I remember packing the duvets in the wrong box the last time we moved and they ended up in a relatives house where we sent some bits to store to save us time. It ended us wasting more time as we needed them.

    02 . Apr . 2015
  2. Harriet

    Packing the right way definitely helps when the moving day comes! Thanks for the tips! Good luck with settling in! 🙂

    04 . Jun . 2015

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