Joy! We Happy Few Arriving August 10! NEW TRAILER

Mark August 10 in your diary as this is the day that We Happy Few finally releases, for real. There’s a brand-new trailer to tantalise us and increase the hype, take a watch.

I’ve had We Happy Few for quite a while. After seeing Compulsions Games’ E3 trailer I was eager for the game’s release and I was delighted to be gifted a key. However, as it was early access the game was focused only on the survival side of things – water, food and a few little missions to get cracking with. Not being a survival fan, I quickly put it aside and decided to wait for the full release.

Compulsion Games and Gearbox Publishing combined forces and there have been a few updates by all accounts, but I’ve been strict with myself. Early access players have been able to explore the city using stealth, combat or conformity. When the final release arrives, these skills will be experienced through the full narrative of the game. Now, I’m allowing the excitement to flow through my veins and I cannot wait to get started! Here’s what we know so far.

Arthur We Happy Few

We Happy Few takes place in an alternative, retrofuturistic (what a word!) version of 1960’s Britain. The story focuses on some unfriendly peeps that want to escape a life of denial in Wellington Wells. Conformity is of paramount importance, you need to fit in with the surroundings, it’s up to you whether you choose to fight the druggies or suck it up and join them. Just remember that most people will not take kindly to anyone flouting the rules.

Ollie We Happy Few

There are three intertwined narratives that you can experience the dark history of Wellington Wells through. These narratives are supported by 250 encounters that will bring depth to the story. The three protagonists, Sally, Arthur and Ollie, has their own pros and cons and will face their history and get ready for the future all while performing activities that will not be truly appreciated by society.

We Happy FEW Sally

We Happy Few will be available around the world (excluding Asia) on August 10, 2018 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Will you say yes to Joy?




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