Layers of Fear: Legacy Coming to Nintendo Switch THIS MONTH!

Layers of Fear Legacy Nintendo Switch

Layers of Fear is by far my favourite horror game in recent years. I’ve played it on the PC and the PS4 and it won’t be long before I play it on the Switch! Yes, Bloober Team has confirmed that Layers of Fear: Legacy will launch on the Switch on February 21, 2018. Not long to wait, yippee!

For those of you who don’t know, Layers of Fear is a psychological Horror brought to life by Blooper Team, some talented indie developers from Cracow, Poland. They are also the team behind the first person horror game >Observer. Layers of Fear is about an insane artist who is focused on creating a masterpiece. While in his mansion, you experience his mental illness first hand and explore the constantly changing environment as you work on finishing your art. It’s clever, it’s beautiful and it’s shocking.

Layers of Fear generates real feelings of dread, anticipation, shock and horror. It makes you think about the characters and the history, what happened? What’s happening now? It’s well made, the voice actors, the music, the art, it’s just a beautiful creation.

Bloober Team is well-aware that many people have already played this title on the Xbox Ione, PS4 and PC, so they have even taken the time to re-tool and re-design the game especially for the Nintendo Switch. I truly cannot wait to see the differences and experience the game in a whole new way – in bed on the Switch. I am curious to see if the mobile aspect of the game will take away the scares. These guys know exactly how to get under your skin, to make the hairs raise on the back of your neck and skin tingle in anticipation for the horror to come.

Watch the launch trailer below and be sure to pick up this masterpiece on the Nintendo eShop for £17.99.



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