Lazer Team 2 Cast Announced

Here’s a fun fact for you. Lazer Team is one of the most successful crowdfunded movies ever made!  It was made after the campaign raised $2.4 million on Indiegogo. It made over $1 million in the box office and is the most successful fan driven film of all time. So it’s no surprise that Lazer Team 2 got the go ahead.

Lazer Team 2 is coming to YouTube Red and is already in production (check out Gavin’s hair in this week Off Topic, hilarious!).  The cast has been announced and now includes Nichole Bloom who is going to play a lead character named Maggie along with returning cast member Colton Dunn who plays Herman. Victoria Pratt is another new addition to the cast, who will be playing Kilborne.  Other cast members include Burnie Burns, Gavin Free and Michael Jones who are cast as Hagan, Woody and Zach, respectively.

Woody (Gavin Free) is working on some secret alien research when he goes missing. Maggie Wittington (Nichole Bloom) sends out Hagan (Burnie), Zach (Michael) and Herman (Colton) to go and track down Woody. Expect stupidity and hilarity to follow.  Can’t wait!

Lazer Team 2 is going to be co-directed by Matt Hallum and Daniel Fabelo. If you watch Immersion or RT Docs you’ll already know Daniel’s work. Don’t you just love how they’re keeping it in-house. Got to love Rooster Teeth!

If you haven’t watched Lazer Team I highly recommend you do. It’s available on YouTube Red for £5.99. You are supporting incredible talent and a great group of people by watching the movie, so go ahead, give it a watch.



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