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L’Oreal Paris Colorista Bleach #Review

I Bleached My Hair

Being bored with your hair is a dangerous thing. First I went to the hairdressers and had loads of it cut off, second, I bleached it to hell! While browsing Boots I came across some funky looking bleach and hair colouring products that really appealed to me. The packaging is well designed and the available colours tempted me.  I picked up a box of the L’Oreal Colorista Bleach and some Washout in pink and headed home feeling nervous but excited. I’ve bleached my hair before, probably about 5 or 6 years ago and I admit I wasn’t too keen on it, but that didn’t stop me.

When I got home I looked for some reviews and this is when I began doubting my buying decision. The reviews were not good, I saw one girl say she had used it 3 times before it even worked. I decided to go for it despite the reviews because if nothing happened then it wasn’t too big a deal. I kind of expected it to fail. But it didn’t.

The whole bleaching process went smoothly. I actually filmed it in one of my vlogs (I wish I had filmed a straight out review as it has become my most popular vlog to date). You can watch it below, the bleaching starts at around 5 minutes in.

I left the bleach on for an extra 10 minutes and then washed it out to find very yellow hair beneath. It’s to be expected, you can’t expect to go from brown hair with orange tints to white hair. It’s still quite shocking to see your hair change so dramatically. Then there is the sense of dread and the doubt…what have I just done! The included brass defying conditioner is tinted purple and it did help tone down the Simpson’s yellow.  My first impressions were quite pleased, but I knew there was going to be more work involved.

The following morning I was able to see my hair in true daylight, and this is my advice to you guys. Don’t bleach at night; wait for the light of day. It really wasn’t a great colour and my hair was already broken and extremely dry. Again, bleaching your hair is going to have that effect, but I have used other products in the past that were perhaps not as harsh.

Colorista effect bleach review

I stand by my initial response to the product – it did the job. I do think that it is probably better suited to dirty blondes that want to go lighter. But for a bleach in the box product, it’s okay. I probably wouldn’t use their bleach again though. I have had to tone my hair several times and treat it to some serious conditioning masks in a bid to help it recover. But again, that is what you have to expect. You are putting harsh chemicals on your hair, it is not going to come out in splendid condition. And you can expect yellows and oranges too, especially when going dark brown to blonde with hair that has been coloured before. This should not come as a surprise to you. You will need to tone your hair to achieve the colour that you want. I don’t think it’s fair to dis a product because it didn’t come out platinum blonde after one application of bleach.

Everyone says go to the hairdressers when bleaching hair, and that is probably great advice. However, there are often tales of woe even from people who spend out on professional treatments. I am having fun with my hair right now, I plan on adding some colours throughout the summer, blues, purples, pinks, maybe even turquoise.  Once the summer is over I probably have a couple of years of conditioning and trims to remove all the breakage in front of me, but what the hell.

Sometimes you just want some fun and change things up a bit.



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