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Love Yourself, It’s Something we all Need to do

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Love yourself and become your own best friend

Loving you, are you doing enough of it? Do you put yourself down, neglect your needs or only feel whole when someone else is by your side giving you love? How can you go about loving yourself when you’re so used to being your own worst enemy?

Five Ways to Start Loving the Real You

  1. Put the past where it belongs, right back there when it happened. Now is not the time for the present. You can bring the lessons you learned and the fun, love or laughter you experienced but not the pain, not the regrets and not the self-torture. Accept what happened and move on! Wipe those hands of yours and focus on the here and the now. Today is a good day!
  2. Start a love list. Write down anything you can think of that you actually like about yourself. Do this every week or once a month. You might find it hard to do to start with but it will get easier once you begin treating yourself as your best friend. Keep your list on your mirror, taped inside your wardrobe or stored away on your phone. Keep it secret or make it public, it’s up to you. 
  3. Wear something in your wardrobe you adore. It could be those jeans that feel like home, the top you save for special occasions or perhaps those sexy knickers that are fit for a glamour puss. 
  4. Take half an hour out of your day to do something that you love doing but that you haven’t done for a while. Again this could be anything you want, sitting down in the shower and savouring the water as it massages your shoulders, going for a walk and feeding the ducks or watching an old episode of The Simpsons that never fails to make you laugh.
  5. Write down your dreams, or just one dream, don’t be afraid of dreaming big! 

Life is much easier if you can accept you for you and start being the best buddy to yourself that you can be. Learning to forgive and love yourself is the perfect way to brightening up your life. You’re amazing, it’s high time you recognised that fact don’t you think?





  1. Fiona Naughton

    Really good advice, I think the comment about leaving the past in the past is so true but it’s such a hard thing to do!

    30 . Apr . 2014
  2. Stephen

    Some really good advice here, the kind of post that should be stuck to my mirror.

    30 . Apr . 2014

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