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LucidSound LS25 eSports Gaming Headset – Christmas Gift Ideas

LucidSound have released the new LS25 eSports Gaming Headset. This is a headset that is designed to deliver excellent audio quality for those taking part in tournament or competitive gaming. They’re also affordable and would make a great Christmas gift for the young gamer in your life.

LS25-LucidSound Headset Christmas

Audio quality is the focus of LucidSound, who have created the LS25 with crystal clear voice chat along with excellent audio quality and attractive design. The key features of this headset are:

  • Dual mics that let the user choose between using the flexible boom mic for gaming or the discreetly integrated mic for casual chats such as when chatting on discord or Facebook messenger.
  • 50mm High Fidelity speakers that have Neodymium magnets, perfectly engineered for gaming.
  • 5mm audio jack for quick and easy connection
  • Quality sound so you can hear the audio cues in the game and chat without any interference.

LS25-LucidSound Headset Christmas

The LS25 is compatible with everything you could wish for, including PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and even smartphones if you want to improve your chances of winning on Fortnite or PubG on your mobile.

Headphones play a huge roll in the gaming experience. You need to be able to hear where your enemies are, where your teammates are and speak undisturbed to secure the win. These days, the compatibility is also an advantage, as gamers don’t want to have to buy separate headsets for all their consoles and devices.

LucidSound is offering excellent audio quality at a very affordable price, which makes me think that this is a great headset for the younger gamers out there. Enjoy great control with the added advantage of comfort and quality audio, ideal for those tournament sessions.



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