The Magic Circle – Gold Edition – What the Hell is This?

The Magic Circle Review

Last week I was sent a PSN code for The Magic Circle – Gold Edition. I knew very little about the game so I read up on it and found out that you are in ‘developer’s hell’ and basically you get to finish the game from the inside. Okay, sounds interesting right? Well, nothing, no amount of blurb could have prepared me for the gaming experience I was about to have. It is honestly unlike any game I have EVER played in my life.

I entered the game not really knowing what to expect and I spent about half an hour playing with a rather confused frown on my face. Not because I wasn’t enjoying myself, but because it was just so unusual. First off you go in and you are a games tester, trying out this game that is unfinished. You meet two rather pissed off characters. The game designer cannot make up his mind about the game and can’t finish what he has started and the other designer is fed up of the whole thing. You are basically wandering around unable to do much, it’s frustrating but interesting at the same time, but keep going as it’s about to get super interesting.

So you get to the ‘end’ of the game and go back in, but this time, things are different. You are given the challenge of finishing the game. You can fill in unfinished or ghost parts of the game. Characters or enemies can be stopped and edited by you, you can take away any powers or abilities they have, give them different ones or assign the taken abilities or parts to other characters. This is key to getting anywhere. You have to edit the abilities and special powers to allow you to get through the game and do what you’ve got to do to get to the end. It’s puzzling for sure, it will make you think, but it won’t make your brain explode. If you get too stuck I recommend going off for a walk and seeing what you come across. Chances are you’ve missed something with an ability that you need in order to progress.

It’s a really clever game, I love the artwork and it will certainly get you thinking. It gives you an insight into what things are like for developers and it gets 10 out of 10 from me for being totally original. There are a couple of niggles that I have. First off, the controls when going through the menus such as editing the characters are annoying. It’s slow and awkward to select what you want, it feels like a really slow and crappy mouse.

The Magic Circle review

The other thing that I don’t enjoy is the attitude of the other characters in the game. It’s not nice being surrounded by unhappy people and their moaning was boring to listen to. The good thing is that you can wander off and they will continue to talk, so if you get fed up of it just use it as an excuse to go off and explore.

The Magic Circle is currently available on the PSN store and is priced at £15.99 ($19.99) and it’s coming to the XboxOne soon I believe. If you’re interested in having a totally new gaming experience, this is definitely the game for you.

The Magic Circle

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  1. Tanya Brannan

    I’m not a gamer myself, but my daughter is! I think she’d really love trying this!

    02 . May . 2016
  2. Fashion and Style Police

    My partner would love to have this on Xbox. I will send him this link.

    02 . May . 2016
  3. Life as Mum

    I’ve not heard of this before. A friend of mine would love this though,

    02 . May . 2016
  4. StressedMum

    I know a few people who would love this, especially on Xbox I will show them this x

    02 . May . 2016
  5. Sarah Bailey

    This sounds interesting – I’ll have to ask the other half if he has heard of it as it sounds like something he may enjoy. x

    02 . May . 2016
  6. Kira

    This sounds so weird and yet I can’t decide if I like the sound of it or not! I love how it’s completely different to other games, something new to try but at the same time I could imagine myself getting frustrated!

    02 . May . 2016
  7. Rhian Westbury

    Sounds interesting, I’ve not played games like this for absolute ages. Really want to make some time to x

    02 . May . 2016
  8. Ayse

    I hate games you have to think too much about haha. I’m such a lazy gamer and tend to like point and shoot or fun little games!
    It sounds like such a great concept though.

    02 . May . 2016
  9. Liz Mays

    This definitely sounds like a game that makes you think! That meta concept is really interesting!

    02 . May . 2016
  10. Elizabeth

    This sounds rather interesting! My husband works on a lot of video games creating audio and he and our 9 year old recently teamed up with a developer to create a very simple 2d platform game. I’ll have to tell him about this one.

    03 . May . 2016
  11. Amy Hunt

    I’m not a huge gamer, but I know someone who is!! I’m sure he’d love all this!

    03 . May . 2016
  12. Emily Underworld

    That sounds so cool, totally my kind of thing, I love unique games!
    – Emily from http://www.emilyunderworld.co.uk

    04 . May . 2016

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