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I was so happy to be sent Maize to review. This is a game that peaked my interest just with the screenshots alone. I wrongly thought it was a new horror game, but it turns out it’s actually a first-person adventure game that is basically point and click – but you can physically move around.

Maize review

Maize is a quirky game that is happy to throw humour in your face and for that we really love it. It also looks fantastic, the attention to detail is a much appreciate touch that helps to immerse you fully into the world. Unfortunately, we have run into issues with the frame rate and that did mean we were unable to record our playthrough with the face cam. We Googled the issue and we’re not alone. Our set up should have absolutely no problem running this title but for some unknown reason, it really does struggle. What’s worse, is that we recorded an episode for about an hour, only to find out that the recording was messed up. So frustrating!

Maize review

You start the game at an abandoned farm. You find things you can pick up and interact with, which are kindly highlighted for you. However, it’s still easy to miss things simply because you’re busy looking at all the detail. Stay alert and be prepared for paths and objects to show up even in places where you feel you’ve examined fully previously.  As you work out what to do with the objects you find you’ll find new areas and end up in an underground research facility, and meet some wonderful characters along the way.

Check out the first game play video below and if you enjoy it please move on to the following episodes to watch us discover the surprises and work out what the hell the game is about.

If you are into walking simulators, solving puzzles and unique characters this is definitely a game to add to your steam library. It is funny, adorable and a game that makes you want to get to the end. Be prepared to miss things and get lost along the way. It’s quite a short game, but what you get for the money is well worth it. You can learn more and buy Maize, here.


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Release: December 1, 2016



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