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Moss Meets Maizy – Maizy Cat Litter Review

Maizy Cat Litter Review
Moss is helping me write up the review…

If you have a cat you’ll already know of the great pleasure of cat litter boxes. Even if your cat eventually learns to go outside there will be a short period of time when changing the cat litter will become one of your least favourite tasks in the home. There’s no getting away from it, being in charge of maintaining your cats toilet is disgusting and having them in the home is downright unpleasant, but it’s one of the things that all of us cat lovers have to put up with.

One of my cats is an indoor cat so we’ve not been able to celebrate that momentous moment of doing away with the litter tray once and for all. We keep it hidden from sight behind the bin, in an otherwise abandoned corner that our dog Booker can’t get into. It’s out of sight but sadly it’s not out of our noses. From time to time there will be a god awful stench that greets us, usually just before we have a guest coming over or while we’re stood waiting for the kettle to boil. Then there are those mornings when the smell of ammonia hits you like a ton of bricks so before you even have a cup of tea you find yourself crouched over the litter tray trying to hold your breath while you sort it out.

Maizy Cat Litter Review

Why am I talking about changing cat litter? Well, I was sent a huge bag of Maizy cat litter for Moss to try out. Maizy is 100& natural puffed sweetcorn and although I was really keen to try it out I have to admit I didn’t think it was going to be much good. I couldn’t have been more wrong, this is the cat litter for us and here’s why.

First off this is the first ever cat litter we’ve tried (and I’ve had cats my entire life minus about 6 months) that is actually able to control the smell. Not once in the past two weeks have I hit a wall of ammonia in the morning. I don’t know how it does it, because there are plenty of brands out there that make the same claim and fail, I’m just so happy that it does. Only when you come to cleaning out the litter tray do you become aware of the smell. For this alone Maizy gets a massive thumbs up from me and everyone else in the home.

Maizy Cat Litter Review

The second positive is the fact that this is a clumping cat litter that can be flushed down the loo! WOW. Now I’m not saying you can simply empty the entire tray down your toilet, but if you happen to be around when the cat goes for a tinkle (or the other thing) you can simply collect the clump in your scoop and flush it away. I love this feature, it makes keeping the tray clean a lot less of a hassle (providing your cat litter tray is close to the bathroom of course).  If you don’t want to flush it you can turn it into compost instead!

The one downside I did notice is I found the clumped up litter did stick to the bottom of the tray. Now I am overcoming this problem by using newspaper (and you can buy litter tray liners too) so it’s no big deal. I did want to mention it though as I had to put a fair amount of elbow grease to force off the large clump in the corner.

I know cat litter isn’t exciting but when you’re a kitten or an indoor cat owner it’s one item that you can’t live without. Maizy retails at £9.99 for 12 litres and £17.99 for 24 litres. It’s absolutely worth the money and even worth paying for posting and packaging if you can’t find it near you. This is an earth friendly product that I have been totally impressed by and I highly recommend to all cat owners out there.

I was sent Maizy to review but all my opinions are my own.



  1. Stephanie

    Thankfully our cat doesn’t use a litter tray, but if it did, this sounds like a good one to try x

    17 . Aug . 2014
  2. Kumba

    This looks good! A little bit pricey for me tho.. having two cats. xx

    17 . Aug . 2014
  3. Nettie

    It lasts longer than most. I used Catsan and Thomas before and it’s so much more economical. If they bring out a smaller bag I do recommend you trying it 🙂

    17 . Aug . 2014

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