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Moss and the July Cat Hampurr Unboxing

A few weeks back I discovered Cat Hampurr and quickly added it to my Wednesday Wish List. Not long after I found a website offering a great discount on the subscription so I promptly signed up and only had a couple of weeks to wait for box to arrive. Well, finally the day came and the cute little Cat Hampurr box arrived by courier. After waiting all day Moss and I finally sat down with Floyd and filmed an unboxing video, have a watch to discover what we were sent in the July 2014 Cat Hampurr.

Each Cat Hampurr includes 4 to 6 items each month and they ask for your feedback too so you can let them know how much or how little your cats enjoyed the box. Overall Moss and my other cat Midna were really delighted with all the goodies and I am really pleased with what we were sent. All of the brands were high quality and full of goodness for the cats – no grains and no junk. You can subscribe to monthly boxes (£11.95 + p&p) and have 4-6 goodies sent out to you around the 15th of each month. However, the really great thing about Cat Hampurr is that they do offer one-off boxes (£15.95 + p&p) so there’s no need to subscribe if you don’t want to, which is perfect for us right now.

I highly recommend the Cat Hampurr to all you happy cat owners out there. It’s a great way to test out some new foods and treats and introduce a new toy now and then too. A great little gift idea don’t you think?




  1. Hollie

    What a good idea! I love this. If I had a cat it would be on my list straight away.

    21 . Jul . 2014
  2. Latoyah

    This looks cute! I used to have a cat, until I found out I was super allergic!

    21 . Jul . 2014
  3. Rachel

    Oh wow! I never knew they did these! I’m getting a kitty soon so I’ll defiantly look into these boxes!

    22 . Jul . 2014
  4. Emma

    Love the name, cat hampurr! Haha great play on words. I wish I had a cat, I would certainly treat it with one of these goodies!

    22 . Jul . 2014
  5. Bunny Box

    Cat Hampurr is a fantastic product, we have ordered several times and they are really nice people too!

    22 . Jun . 2015

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