New Life Goals – Lose Weight

I must be honest here. I never thought that weight would be something I would ever need to consider. At least not when it came to losing weight. As a youngster and up until I reached around 30, I was thin. I wasn’t eating healthy by any means but I was thin. After I gave birth to my daughter at 21 I quickly went back to wearing age 14 clothes. Then I went to a size 8, before 6 was a thing and when 8 really was an 8 as far as I’m concerned. Any hoo, getting to real time. I am now a size 12 on top and 14 on the bottom. I don’t look too bad and I don’t hate my body at all but I am not 100% happy with it. My worse areas are my belly and my thighs. I would like to point out that my legs have always been chunky even when I was at my smallest. I have large calves (I put this down to the hills around where I live) and my thighs are thundery. I have also had cellulite in some form or other since my early twenties probably. It’s in my genes a little I guess but I also smoked and ate rubbish, I think that has played its part.

At the start of the year, I wanted to get into shape so that by my 40th I would be able to wear a cropped t-shirt. For whatever reason, that didn’t happen. It frustrates me that I never got going on that goal as here I am, 2 weeks away from my birthday and I feel I’m at my biggest ever.

I’m telling you this because I need to become accountable. I need an extra push to make me do a little more each day to shift a few pounds and then tone up. I need you. You all helped me learn to manage my panic attacks. Just knowing there were people reading is enough. So here I am, declaring my weight loss and general health improvement goals.

I won’t be taking part in any fad diets. I have considered Slimming World as I know 2 of my friends have had significant results with this diet. However, I don’t like the idea of all low fat and sweeteners, so I’m going to avoid it for now. I may change my mind later if I don’t get results on my own.

Plan of Action to Lose Weight

  1. Eat less crap
  2. Eat more good stuff
  3. Exercise a lot
  4. Meditate

That’s all there is to it I guess. By this time next year, I’d like to be a size 10. I hope that is a reasonable goal. I don’t want to lose weight too quickly as I want to make sure my skin is toned up alongside the weight loss.

Food Plans

I will be looking for healthy swaps, using the NHS Healthy Eating recommendations to start with. I am a snacker and I have a sweet tooth, so I need healthier alternatives to chocolates, cake and pastries. I’m not going to cut anything out completely other than white bread. I am going to introduce low fat spreads to replace my Clover and have low fat cheese. Another thing I’m doing is replacing some of the meat we eat with Quorn alternatives. I don’t really know what Quorn is but we all like what we’ve tried so we’ll be continuing eating it.

I have little knowledge when it comes to cooking healthy foods. I have no cooking skills either, so putting together healthy recipes is certainly difficult. This makes shopping hard as I have no idea what I’m doing. It’s a wonder I’ve survived so long!

Exercise Plans

I aim to do some form of exercise 6 days a week. I know this may sound like a bit of a stretch but hear me out. That doesn’t mean an hours’ worth of cardio every day. The exercise I plan on doing will be a mixture of:

  • Walking – hill walking and flat walking.
  • Yoga – Using Adriene on YouTube – still think she is the best yoga instructor on YouTube.
  • Hula Hooping – G has treated me to a Hula Hoop for my birthday. I remember not being very good at Hula hooping as a kid but I am hoping to change that. The hula hooping has been inspired by Jaymie’s Random Vlogs – she’s working to get abs and is inspiring me to get off my ass.

I’ll be walking 5 days a week, hula hooping 3 times a week and doing Yoga each day apart from one rest day. One hour of each day will be dedicated to exercise and/or meditation. Sunday will be a rest day.

I’m Now Accountable

I know I am perhaps setting myself up for failure but I really am ready to make some changes. I want to see the results and feel the improvements in my body. I am at a disadvantage as I’m currently recovering from a torn calf muscle (crutches are my friend right now). I’ll be starting off slowly with 3 days a week and gradually working up to more intensive workouts for 6 days of the week, as I heal.

I think I’ll be vlogging my journey as it will act as another driving force in the right direction. If you’re here for gaming I do apologise if this isn’t your bag. I’m still going to be gaming, hopefully for a few more years if I make these healthy changes. There’s nothing wrong with being a healthy gamer.

That’s basically it. That’s the plan. I’ve written it out and now I’m going to schedule it to be published next week. There’s no turning back. There’s no denying what I said my goals were. You’ve read it, you know.




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