Nintendo Switch – Do I Want It?

Nintendo Switch

Yesterday, the world was treated to a first look at the Nintendo NX – now called Nintendo Switch.  The unveiling happened on YouTube in a 3.37 minute long video, watch below if you haven’t seen it yet (seriously, who hasn’t seen it yet?!). In the video we got to see the Switch in action, it showed us some of the hardware and a few games that are supposedly coming to the brand new console too. As I was quite excited for the NX Switch, I thought I would share some of my thoughts with you.

I Want to Love Nintendo Again

The last Nintendo console that got some serious playtime in this house is the Wii (excluding the 3DS). We do have the Wii U but I think it’s probably only been played for a matter of hours, rather than days. The Wii U didn’t have the games to keep us playing, and this is my fear for the Nintendo Switch. True, yesterday we were told that there are loads of developers that are looking forward to creating games for this new device, but I am still wary. I don’t need a console that will play the triple A titles that are available elsewhere. We have the PS4 and the Xbox One and the PC for all of those. It’s good news if you only want one main console as at least it shows that Nintendo will finally be able to cope with these massive titles, unlike the Wii U.

I’ve read a lot of positive comments about Skyrim being available due to the fact that it will be portable. Yes, this is very cool but it’s not a selling point for me personally. I want original Nintendo titles that are just going to draw me in. I need more than Zelda, a new Mario and Mario Kart. I want an Animal Crossing and full-on Pokémon title at least.  How about a brand new franchise or two? Wouldn’t that be amazing? Seeing more indie developer’s jump on board would also be welcomed.

As for the hardware, I am nodding my head with approval. I love the ability to ‘switch’ to the portable screen and actually being able to take it out! It makes me wonder if the 3DS will even be required in the future?  The full-sized controller is another welcome addition (but will this be sold separately?) but sharing the ‘Joy Con’ controller doesn’t look as though it will provide a comfortable playing experience, at least not for long periods of time. The good thing is that you can use the Joy Cons with the Joy Con Grip, which turns it into a larger style controller. Hopefully, it will feel good in the hands and not cause any aches and pains. When you’re on the go you can choose to place the Joy Cons either side of the portable screen. The video also showed the screen being used with the Joy Cons in a similar fashion as the Wii remote and nunchuk , the more traditional controller and the Joy Cons in the Grip.

I was a major Nintendo fan girl in my teens and my twenties. I adore the SNES, which is the console that actually gripped me and turned me into a ‘gamer’.  I still have the SNES, 3 N64’s, a Wii and a Wii U. One of my favourite consoles ever was the GameCube. I hate myself for selling it, but at least the Wii allowed for backwards compatibility. Will the Nintendo Switch do the same? Not sure if it can, unless Nintendo has finally taken advantage of the Internet and will allow for downloading your content somehow. The Switch has gone back to using cartridges; they looked very similar to the 3DS cartridges in the reveal video. It does concern me that the Switch won’t be backward compatible as again this will limit the game choice we have on the console. I also don’t want to have to buy my favourite games for the umpteenth time.

The fact that the Nintendo Switch is powered by Nvidia is certainly promising. I hope it has the power to cope with modern gaming and that it is future proofed for several years. It uses a custom Tegra processor, which is a scalable processor, so the games should look as wonderful on the small portable screen as they do on the big TV.  The custom-made processor is basically what’s in some Smartphones, so it still won’t be on par with the PS4 or Xbox One. There’s also hardware accelerated video playback along with customer software for audio effects and rendering – not sure if this will be great for videos or not, it’s impossible to say until we get hands on with it.

I am definitely interested. It’s also pretty safe to say we will be getting one. We just need to know more. How much is it going cost? I think £250 would be about right but I’ve read £300 is expected. What are the official launch titles? What are the upcoming titles? The problem is, we are also looking at VR right now. It’s unclear as to which one we should buy first. We, like most people, don’t have much of a disposable income, so we want to make a sensible choice.  When the Wii launched I was so hyped for it. We pre-ordered it months in advance, I was buying magazines and reading everything I could to be in the know. I don’t have that same feeling for the Nintendo Switch. I’m hoping I will have as more is revealed.



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