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My first blog post is dedicated to positive action and saying no to negativity, in fact this whole blog is. It’s here to help me to keep sane and strong, to fight the negativity around me and to remind others to look on the bright side and not to succumb to the darkness.

I have never been much of a negative person, even in my deepest teenage depressions. There are people out there that seem to revel in the angst of life but that’s just not me. I love living, I want to be happy and I focus on seeing the silver lining behind all grey clouds. The problem is negativity is found everywhere these days, it’s in the news and on newsfeeds, it’s in the conversations of strangers while waiting in line, it’s in lyrics and advertising. Negativity is also an unwanted house guest in my home. It comes in the form of my boyfriend who goes by the name of Mr. Negative. Everything is seen as a challenge, the reasons not to do things come flooding freely whereas the reasons for trying are ignored. That makes it difficult to live the positive life I long for, but I don’t let that stop me.

I have read that you should let negative people go, but what should you do when you love that person? My response is to show that positivity rules supreme, even when negativity is in the home. When a negative response is thrown out I hit back with a positive one. I wear smiles when he wears frowns. It’s not easy, it’s not ideal, but it’s the best I’ve got for now.




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