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Observer review

I’m a massive fan of Bloober Team. They were behind one of my favourite games of last year and perhaps even all time, at least in the horror game genre. Layers of Fear blew me away, it was frightening, twisted, fun and new. The story was fascinating and the way the game worked and surprised the player just thrilled me down to my core. As soon as I heard about >Observer_ I knew that I had to play it.

>Observer_ is set in 2084 and you’re basically a futuristic cop (voiced by the one and only Rutger Hauer!) in a dystopian setting. Technology and humanity have combined and you use your augmentations to hack minds and find clues to help you solve crimes. The setting is simply outstanding, I would love to explore in real life, even if the apartment block we’re in is basically a slum.

I’ve not completed the game yet, so I can’t give you a full review as such, but I can give you my first impressions. You can also watch the video below to see G (not a horror game fan in the slightest but he is heavily into cyberpunk) explore Krokow and get to grips with this strange new world.

One of the things Bloober Team did so well with Layers of Fear was to create atmosphere. Once again they have successfully created an environment that sucks you into it, fully. You are there; you are exploring, looking for clues and reliving these weird nightmare type memories as you hack the minds of victims. Your skin is tingling, senses are heightened and you find yourself needing to find out more to try to establish what the hell happened, as well as what the hell this world is. It’s disturbing, frightening and dark.

observer review bloober team

It’s a lot harder than Layers of Fear. You can actually die, much to my despair. There are also sections that you have to repeat if you get it ‘wrong’ (I was recently stuck and had to repeat a section several times, it was enough for me to rage quit, I’m not a patient soul). Dying and repeating processes is not my favourite thing in video games.  You are at risk, and that does heighten the fear quite dramatically. You will be scared, panicked and you will be fighting to survive.

Long Mind Hacks Mess With Your Eyes

I will warn you; this game will mess with your eyes. The glitching in the game (intentional) and the manic environments presented in the mind hacking sequences are intense on the eyes and the brain. I do find that I really need to take breaks away from the screen to rest and stop myself feeling like I’m going to have a seizure.  I also found that some of the minds hacking sections are just a bit too long for comfort.

Bloober Team excites me. I love their games, their imagination and the way they build a story and guide you through the craziness. I cannot wait to complete this game but more than that I am looking forward to the future and to see what these developers will achieve in what I hope will be very long and massively successful careers.

Observer is available on Steam, PS4 and Xbox One, NOW!



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