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Boots beauty box

A couple of months ago I was offered to work with Boots with the Boots Beauty Box. Now I know I’m more of a gamer and trainers type of girl but I absolutely adore Boots and pampering myself, so I was delighted to accept. I was sent a load of false nails to try in a range of colours and I have to admit I was a little disappointed. I don’t get my nails done, I do paint them and they do grow nicely, but that’s as far as it goes. However, my daughter was thrilled and I’m always willing to give things a go.

Both my daughter and I tested out the nails for about a month. We selected our favourite colours and put them to test in real life. Here’s the selection we were sent from Boots.

Boots False Nails Latte

Boots False Nails Coral

Boots False Nails Pillarbox Red

Boots False Nails Plum Pudding

Boots False Nails Mushrooms


Boots Beauty Box

These nails were super easy to apply and they didn’t need shaping or cutting down to size. One of my favourite things about the nails was the fact that they are normal in shape – no ridiculous points going on here. I consider them to be everyday nails that are suitable for work but also nice enough for special occasions.

One of the negatives with the application is the suction stick thing on the end of the cuticle stick that’s included in the kit. The suction cup often failed, meaning I would have a nail covered in glue fall on the table or on my lap, and it could get a bit messy. My tip is to skip the tool and use your fingers from the get go – fingers work perfectly!

How Practical are Boots False Nails?

My daughter’s nails stayed on for 8 days before one fell off. Now her days consist mainly of college work and lounging around.

My nails were not as reliable. On the second or third day I lost a nail when I was doing laundry. On the fifth day I lost another nail while making the bed. However, they were perfectly practical for working on the computer and they didn’t impact my use controllers either – big thumbs up for being gamer friendly!


Overall, I highly rate these nails but they can only cope with so much. Expect to lose them when you’re doing housework – each application of new nails resulted in the same thing happening. The great thing is, it takes about a minute to reapply a lost nail. It’s a convenient, easy and they do look good.

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